Hot Wheels Track Builder Track Set Vertical Launch Kit, 50-in Tall, 36 Component Parts & 1:64 Scale Toy Car [Amazon Exclusive]

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  • Go up with this Vertical Launch Kit that can attach to a wall and reaches 50 inches high!
  • The innovative set also has 3 configurations and is easy to set up and simple to put away.
  • Rev up experimentation and creativity with new options for epic uphill stunts for kids 6 years and older.
  • Everything connects for endless possibilities— build a world of stunts with Track Builder!
  • Includes 3M Command Strips reformulated specifically for painted surfaces to ensure the set is safe for walls.

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5.47 x 14.96 x 23.62 inches

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4.4 pounds

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July 25, 2019



13 reviews for Hot Wheels Track Builder Track Set Vertical Launch Kit, 50-in Tall, 36 Component Parts & 1:64 Scale Toy Car [Amazon Exclusive]

  1. Amazon Customer

    Bought this set for my niece for Christmas. Best gift I’ve given her thus far. She’s 5 years old and is in love with her Hot Wheels. I enjoy playing with it too and i’m 25 years old. Super sturdy. No matter how hard you press the launcher it doesn’t break. I do have to say though that you have to have a lot of force to get the car to launch up to its destination which can be a hassle (the challenge of it is worth it though). All and all it’s a gift a kid will never forget!

    Btw just stick the track to a big piece of cardboard and you won’t have to worry about your walls. Push the Velcros in hard so it sticks. It will stay enough if you push hard.

  2. richbruiser

    the only negative thing is putting the velcro tabs up, but they give you a guide… DO NOT THROW THE PAPER INSTRUCTIONS AWAY, it’s your guide!!!!

  3. Kindle Customer 123

    The product was as u would expect . It takes up a bit of room and ideally would need a permanent space as u wouldn’t be bothered taking it apart and rebuilding it each time ur child played with it .i was a bit disappointed with at which the speed at which the cars traveled, they are so fast I can hardly see them and complete the track in the blink of a eye .

  4. Jake W.

    The descriptions and videos show kids playing and building it up. But it’s very difficult, I had my 21year daughter help the kids, but she needed my older sons help. They both worked on it a long time till it was ready to play and even then, it kept on falling.

  5. Brandi VHook

    1 Encourages creativity and problem-solving skills
    2 Promotes physical activity and active play
    3 Provides decent amount of entertainment
    4 Launcher is manual – no injury because of the absurd speed of the toy car
    5 Can be configured in three different configurations
    6 Great for children who love cars and racing

    1 May be too advanced for younger children or those unfamiliar with Hot Wheels tracks
    2 Require some adult assistance with initial setup – and provided valcro sucks – prepare to add/replace those quite quick
    3 Requires additional Hot Wheels cars, which are sold separately – only 1 included
    4 Takes up a significant amount of space when fully assembled.

  6. Amanda Dixon

    Our boys love this track set! Though, do yourself a favor…go buy one 3/16 in. 2 ft. x 4 ft. Black Chalk / White Marker MDF Board (under $10) from your local orange hardware store as well as a couple extra Command wall mount Velcro tabs to add portability to the set. As pictured, the wall template Hot Wheels provides for the Command tabs fits perfectly on the 2ft x 4ft board (I used the white side for a better stick). I bought some extra Command tabs and attached one at the top of the mdf board to lean and secure against the wall/door/table of my choosing. Added bonus, the kids can mark up the board with chalk, and dry erase or washable markers. As well as this works, it really should be a suggestion on the set.

  7. Love Nature

    You have to adhere this to your wall and when doing so the tracks don’t sit completely the way the should. Still works well happy overall

  8. Mark Crawford

    Brought for younger child and he was unable to wack the plunger hard enough to use this set.
    Disappointed. But my fault as it says for 6 years+

  9. chad


  10. Brandi VHook

    I bought this for my 8yr old daughter. She is new to hot wheels, and had them at the very top of her Christmas list. I kept looking at this particular set over a month, going back and forth because she had already specifically requested other different launchers, extra track, the booster pack, and extra cars. Since she was starting from scratch, and this looked really cool and had that wow factor, I thought this would really tie everything in and make for creative play. I was worried that it wouldn’t work right tho, but I finally pulled the trigger and purchased this, and I’m glad I did.

    This does work as described. The cars have no problem getting around the loop, but some cars can slow down shortly after completing the loop, so if you’re adding a lot more track to this, I’d put a booster or another launcher not too far after the cars clear the hoop. The launcher that shoots the car up work great. This was the part I was most concerned with since I’m new to Hot Wheels, as well. My daughter did get a car stuck it the thing that the car shoots up to. She hit the launcher too hard, and the car jammed before making the curve. We did have to help getting it out, and she said she hasn’t had that problem since. The cars do drop off from the blue release part of the set and land onto the lower swirling slide as it’s supposed to, more times than it doesn’t. Again, it’s something that looked too good to be true, but it’s not. I personally was pleasantly surprised with this set. I really wasn’t sure if it was going to work right at all! I waited almost a month to review this because I wanted to see if it held up, and so far so good. My husband did have to put it up, so it was measured correctly, so please keep that in mind, because an adult will most likely need to do or help with the initial setup. He said it wasn’t as difficult as he thought. Probably took 30-45minutes. Other than the original setup, my daughter and her neighbor friend have been able to build onto this setup by themselves and have changed the add on pieces many times with no problems. You can see the add on parts that she connected from her other Hot Wheels gifts connected off to the left of this tracks build. Those extra pieces that don’t come in this set are connected right after the yellow loopty loop part ends in my pictures. She’s had no problems adding the additional tracks, the white curve, the curve launcher, the booster pack, etc to this existing set that stays up on our wall.

    This set really has that wow factor. It’s a big box, which is great for gifting, and of course will make any hot wheels fan light up. We chose to set it up in our finished basement’s t.v./play area so we wouldn’t have to worry about putting it up and down often. We did take it down once, and were able to reinstall it just fine without needing additional supplies. Again, a surprise for me. We have not taken it back down since tho. I’d recommend trying to find a place to put this where you don’t have to put it away after each use, if possible. It is possible to put up and down however, but it could get a little tiresome. If you don’t have a spot to leave it up, I’d get some extra double sided sticky foam or sticky velco pieces to have on hand incase you wear the original out. My daughter really likes this, so I do recommend it. I hope my pictures help give you an idea of what to expect in person.

  11. Denae

    It’s easy to assemble. However it’s very loud, not good if you share a wall with a neighbor. Also the velcro comes apart frequently from the track to the wall, bit is easily reattached. All in all… Great deal, kids love it!

  12. richbruiser

    You need to apply double sided tape to the product and the wall. My sister was not happy about this when I bought it for my nephew

  13. john l

    This is a really fun toy. My son loved it. The only drawback is that it takes up space in his room and it’s not easily moved. You have to attach it to the wall with command strips, so, if you take it down, you’ll have to go get more adhesive. But, overall, very creative toy and has been especially fun to put glow in the dark cars up the ramp!

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