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  • ● Electric Powered Flying Model Rocket: The Lakebyin Rocket Launcher for Kids is an electric-powered model rocket kit with a rocket toy and parachute recovery system, comes with a USB charging cable, only 35 minutes to fully charged, a full charge can fly 40 times.
  • ● Outdoor Toys for Kids: This science education kit offers hours of outdoor fun for kids looking to explore the endless possibilities of rocketry, making outdoor activities for kids and adults more fun and exciting.
  • ● High Range Launch: With rockets offering two different flight heights, the possibilities for outdoor fun and exploration are endless, use the Lakebyin Kids Rocket Launcher to launch your rocket 175 feet into the air!
  • ● Reusable and Fun for Kids: This model rocket kit can be launched repeatedly. After launching, watch the model rocket glide back to the ground using the included parachute recovery system. The foam material of the rocket body will not hurt children, providing endless fun and safety for children.
  • ● Children’s Science Education Kit: This outdoor toy is perfect for kids who love rockets and science. Encourage learning and exploration with this cool rocket launcher set, which teaches children about aerodynamics, propulsion, and more, They’ll have a blast launching their model rocket!

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Product Dimensions

6.5 x 3.6 x 9.2 inches

Item Weight

6.4 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)



13 reviews for lakebyin Rocket Launcher for Kids, Electric Powered Flying Model Rocket, Model Rocket Kits with Launch Set, Outdoor Toys, Rocket Toy with Parachute…

  1. Christopher Tracy

    My 9 year old claims he is quite satisfied. Good height, very fun.

  2. Sam Phillips

    I bought this to play with in the park together with my 3 year old son. It’s the coolest toy! I can’t speak yet of it’s durability since we’ve only had it for a day, but when we got it we charged it up, which only took about half an hour, and then immediately headed over to the park. I was supper impressed with how hight up it can fly, so you definitely need to be in a very open space, especially if there is a bit of a breeze. We sent it up probably 10 15 times before my son was ready to do something else, box says can probably get about 40 flights out of one charge. For the money I think it’s well worth the price. When I was a kid I used to build the Estes rockets which were a lot of fun, but the engines were expensive and you had to have a super huge open area. This one is more more practical and I think just as fun. If your kid is into rockets or just cool toys, buy this! Gives you a good excuse to get outside too!

  3. Kajzetar

    The media could not be loaded.

     This rocket is awesome! It really does go super high so be in a field to launch. It does have a ramp up and then launches so wait the 5-7sec for ramp don’t think it’s not working. The only downfall we had is I had to hold the base as it kept tipping over in the grass. I would definitely say a grownup needs to hold it though as the blades go super fast! This thing is absolutely great though we launched it 15x using both heights the kids got tired of running to pick it up before it ran out of battery!

  4. Pina Celli

    Gift from a child. Had fun using it but the string broke within a day using it.

  5. Nancy Brooks

    They were giffts

  6. RBarnes

    This was surprisingly amazing, worked great!

  7. Eric H. Tolman

    ROCKet solid!!!

  8. El Pappas

    I purchased this as a gift and it broke after the first launch. There is a piece of plastic that is intended to push the head of the rocket off so the parachute can open for a smoother landing and it broke…so the parachute could no longer open. The person to whom we gifted it to decided to try thd rocket again despite not having a parachute. Let’s just say it didn’t survive the landing…on the positive side, it apparently goes pretty high! I would loved to be able to return it but it went straight into the garbage…

  9. Amazon Customer

    Quality, battery life, flight time were all above my original expectation. What a fun easy toy for the little ones. A+

  10. B2

    It soars high and far Very exciting for a 5 year old

  11. Amazon Customer

    Bought this for my grandson, he loves it..he’s played with it quit a bit….

  12. Denise Finn

    We bought this for our 7 year old grandson’s birthday. Big hit with him and so fun to listen to him as he watched the rocket take off and soar high in the sky.

  13. Gregory

    My 7 year old and I went to the park with this item and stole the show. We went(unassuming) to an open field with the intentions of simply launching it without an audience. That said, after the first launch(on 1st setting), there was a family of five that gathered around in amazement. By the time we hit the second setting (which if I had to guess, made the rocket go 100 plus feet in the air), we had every kid and parent in the area, asking us “what is that and where can we get one”. I was VERY impressed with the performance in both settings and so was everyone in the area.

    I gave this item a 4 out of 5 stars. The reason for the 4 is because of it’s styrofoam build. While in the car, my son sat on it and broke the wig. The saving grace was that it was clean break and I was able to glue back together. Travesty averted!!. Fun toy, but not made the best!!

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