Metal Earth Neuschwanstein Castle 3D Metal Model Kit Fascinations

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  • HOBBY MODEL KIT – Unassembled model packed in an envelope with easy to follow instructions. Ideal for ages 14 and up
  • NO GLUE OR SOLDER NEEDED – Parts can be easily clipped from the metal sheets. Tweezers are the recommended tool for bending and twisting the connection tabs
  • NEUSCHWANSTEIN CASTLE – 3 Sheet Model with a challenging difficulty level. Assembled Size: 4.49 x 1.95 x 2.85 inches
  • FROM STEEL SHEETS TO 3D – Pop out the pieces and connect using tabs and holes. Includes illustrated instructions
  • HIGHLY DETAILED ETCHED MODEL – Display your 3D model once completed – collect and build them all

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Item Dimensions LxWxH

4.88 x 0.08 x 6.77 inches



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Castle Figure

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2.29 ounces

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Product Dimensions

4.88 x 0.08 x 6.77 inches

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February 7, 2012

7 reviews for Metal Earth Neuschwanstein Castle 3D Metal Model Kit Fascinations

  1. ralph ravenscroft

    I have read the reviews for this and other models. Some reviews were bad. I can only think that those people do not have much experience in modeling. The first one I did was the tiger 1 tank. Great model. This one is my 3rd and I plan to get as many as I can. I would suggest that you look ahead in the drawings. This way you can see if you should do a later step at that time to simplify assembly. I can only hope that they make more in the future.

  2. Amy

    these kits aren’t super hard but they also are not super easy. i recommend a small scissors and an old pair of tweezers to help with building them. this model creates the largest final product i’ve done so far in the metal works line – i recommend it. it’s fun, affordable, and since i presume that doing tiny dexterity driven crafts at age 40 must have some positive mental repercussions … i’ll continue to purchase and build these kits until i make ’em all.

  3. Jadee

    I’m quite satisfied with my finished Neuschwanstein Castle. I have built over 2 dozen Metal Earth models. Each, including the most basic, has AT LEAST ONE challenge to overcome to complete the model, not including the sketchy instructions. With that in mind, this model by comparison with other Metal Earth models is in my opinion one of the simpler ones to assemble. But it isn’t the simplest. And it isn’t simple. All Metal Earth models require modeling skills and if you’re looking for a first Metal Earth project, I’d recommend something other than the Neuschwanstein Castle. The lighthouse or the Eiffel Tower, for example, would be better first-time projects in my opinion.

    The Neuschwanstein Castle is a nice model. My completed model looks quite good. Mine is more carefully assembled than the model photographed for the website. The models built for Metal Earth’s web photographs look to me like they were assembled by modelers who aren’t very skilled.

    I think the most useful things I can tell you, the potential buyer / builder of a Neuschwanstein Castle model, are some things that may save you some frustration when you assemble the model. I base this on my own experience assembling my Neuschwanstein Castle.

    When you get to Part 20 in the instruction sheet, follow this procedure in this order:
    1) On Part 21, bend only the corner between the 4 tab slots to 90 degrees.
    2) Insert Part 20 and twist the appropriate tabs.
    3) There are 2 Part 22s. Assemble both of them, and set one aside. You’ll need it later.
    4) Attach a Part 22 to the 90 degree corner of Part 21 and twist Part 22’s tabs.
    5) Bend the final side of Part 21 90 degrees and twist Part 20’s tab.
    6) Attach this entire assembly to the side of the Part 18 “house.”

    When you get to Part 23 in the instruction sheet, follow this procedure in the following order:
    1) Bend Part 25 to 90 degrees.
    2) Attach the Part 22 left over from the previous procedure to the corner of Part 25 and twist the appropriate tabs.
    3) Place Part 23 into Part 25 and bend the appropriate tabs.
    4) Bend and attach Part 24 to Part 23.
    5) You may now attach this assembly between the Part 18 and Part 15 assemblies.

    On my model, the top of Part 26 would not fold cleanly against the roof of Part 28. I ground some metal off of Part 26 with a Dremel tool to get a better fit.

    I hope this information helps you assemble your model.

    It is with the above considerations that I give the Neuschwanstein Castle 4 stars. I’d give 4.5 stars if it were possible.

  4. Theador S. Taylor

    Neat little project that I enjoyed completing to take up some time. Some of these connections are very difficult even if you follow the sub-par instructions. The most difficult part of these connections are anything that is a cylinder or connecting cone pieces to cylinders as in this model.

    I recommend looking over the instructions and the connections a few times before making any bends. The material is very thin tin and if you make 3-4 bends you can very easily break the tin where there should be a bend.

  5. Kevin H

    This was the 9th Metal Earth model I’ve built. I bought my first one because I needed to break a $100 bill at Barnes and Noble and I’ve gotten most on Amazon since (significantly cheaper). This is one of the few I’ve seen that has three sheets (they call it Gold edition), however that is not because it has intricate and complicated parts, but because the surface area of these architecture models is large compared to ships and planes.

    This is probably one of the easier ones; I think I finished in three sessions of however long it takes me to drink a beer (maybe 2 hrs total). The only difficulty was joining two of the subassemblies at the very end; sometimes these tab connections are impossible to make, but they are redundant enough to create a solid model even if you can only make one or two on a connection that should have four.

    The instructions are fine if you just use your brain a little bit. I think in some cases I disagree with the chronology (it’s pretty hard to twist a tab when you’ve constructed a box around all four sides), but fortunately this steel is flexible enough to forgive mistakes and bending.

    You don’t need all these specialized jeweler’s tools/whatever other people are saying. Just needle nose pliers and a pair of tweezers. I use the pliers on a multitool and occasionally a pair of tweezers. Then again I don’t make nice pretty 90 degree bends; I just somehow twist/bend/damage each tab to prevent it from slipping out. I think it makes very little difference in the end; the tabs are millimeters long. My laptop charger cord makes a good template for pieces that need to be round.

  6. Me me me

    You definitely have to have patience to put one of these together, but once you do, you’re hooked! I’ve read a lot of reviews that suggest buying small needle nose pliers….I was able to assemble mine with nothing more than a pair of tweezers. A small pair of scissors might also be helpful to remove the pieces from the sheet. They don’t always come out easily. A word of advice for this one: Pay careful attention to the pointed, cone shaped pieces at the top of the castle. I made the mistake of making them into two pieces when I should have kept them hooked together (that will make more sense when you see the pieces with the instructions!)

  7. John

    Challenging for older modelers

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