Metal Earth Windmill 3D Metal Model Kit Fascinations

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  • Gift Envelope Includes – Unassembled Model – Easy to Follow Instructions
  • From Steel Sheets to Museum Quality 3D Model
  • WINDMILL – 2 Sheets Model with an easy difficulty level. Assembled Size: 2.05″L x 1.77″W x 3.94″H (5.2 x 4.5 x 10 cm)
  • FROM STEEL SHEETS TO 3D – Pop out the pieces and connect using tabs and holes. Includes illustrated instructions.
  • HIGHLY DETAILED ETCHED MODEL – Display your 3D model once completed – collect and build them all.

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2.05 x 1.77 x 3.94 inches

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0.32 ounces

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13 reviews for Metal Earth Windmill 3D Metal Model Kit Fascinations

  1. Togafree

    Like most of the Metal Earth models I’ve done, this one goes together well & looks nice when done… You do need to look ahead in the instructions, otherwise you will end up needing to bend tabs that you can no longer get to, & in taking these models apart to fix anything you stand a good chance of breaking tabs.

    *Tip: You can do fairly unnoticeable repairs to some parts on these models with, Aluminum Duct Tape, Super Glue, & Gorilla Glue (Gorilla Glue takes longer to dry, but gives more support then Super Glue), If needed to in order to finish a model that you have broke a tab (or something else minor).

  2. jamsandwich

    fun item

  3. Allen E. Lawton

    This product and all of the Metal Earth items are not toys. They are an intricate model that takes patience and skill to complete. They were not FUN to put together but challenging. The result s very satisfying and the models striking. Do not give this to a child or anyone who has a short attention span or gets frustrated easily. They are fragile before you start building, during the building process and after. The metal bends very easily and care must be taken to properly shape those pieces that require shaping. The right tools are essential. You will need fine needle nose pliers, tweezers, straight edges for bending, a shear cutter to remove the pieces from the metal sheet and a good magnifying lamp. The effort will be worth it.

  4. HumanBeingPerson

    For a long time, I’ve been pretty interested in these little metal models. A few weeks ago I bought the Chrysler Building. Now I am absolutely in love with these. By the time I built this one, I’d already built several others, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa (which taught me a lot about what mistakes to avoid).

    I had an absolute blast building this, but I wouldn’t recommend this as the first model. Some of the directions are not particularly intuitive and it helps to have experience with other models before trying this one. If you’ve built a couple of others, I highly, highly recommend this one.

  5. EWhit

    This was my first “metal model”. I found the visual diagrams for directions to be quite clear. The two most challenging tasks are removing the metal pieces from the laser cut sheets (lots of careful twisting worked best) and folding/twisting the <3mm tabs. The instructions suggest using needle nose pliers, I would recommend a decent pair of cosmetic tweezers instead. The whole project took me under 2 hours and the final product turned out well. Unfortunately the arm of the windmill are forever stationary. Moving parts would have been really cool.

    Definitely not for young children as the parts are tiny and the remaining metal of the sheet can be sharp. Manufacturer recommends 14 yrs and older.

    I think this will make a nice addition to my desk.

  6. shifra

    I didn’t like that the instructions were very unclear! Some of the tabs didn’t line up very well and overall it wasn’t such a great experience, but the outcome was good.

  7. Katrina Eckersley

    I love these it took about 10 mins to do (wish it took longer), but overall I am happy as i love the end result

  8. Pat Shipley

    Perfect gift

  9. Rob from Kidderminster

    Luv em. This one looks as good as others. My 11th I think

  10. Nicholas S

    Great craft toy which will provide an average person with a few hours of fun assembling it. There are some fiddly parts and task to make this but that added to the challenge and fun. All of the metal earth models that I have put together can be assembled with regular tools and household items. Eg. pliers, tweezers, screw driver or nails to form the metal into shape.

  11. Slava

    If you like working with your hands, you’ll enjoy this. It’s small and is a perfect thing to do when watching a movie!

  12. sal volatile

    far too complicated. only 6″ tall or so,.sharp edges

  13. KatrinaM

    I had some trouble getting this one together (I’ve done others before) and I think it was just the tiny pieces in the sails. Otherwise, it’s a great decoration for my office!

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