Minicraft RMS Titanic Model Kit (400 Piece)

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  • The largest and finest Titanic model available
  • The most detailed and accurate.
  • 1/350 scale, over 400 parts!
  • Over 30 inches long.
  • Photo-etched brass parts for superb detail.

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Additional information

Product Dimensions

30.25 x 3.5 x 8.5 inches

Item Weight

1 pounds

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



Minicraft Models

Date First Available

December 11, 2016

9 reviews for Minicraft RMS Titanic Model Kit (400 Piece)

  1. Elijah

    New sealed kit was missing the photoetch medal sheet. Messaged the maker twice. Received the p/e two weeks later.

  2. Tayler

    This model kit is one of the most accurate and detailed models on the market! I loved the challenge and therapeutic nature it brought to my life while building it. The start-from-scratch kit allows room for creativity and truly immerses you into making of the ship! The details are very fine and if you are not patient, you can make a ton of mistakes. The trick is never to give up and just keep going. If you make a mistake use it as a sense that the ship is yours for the keeping and makes each individual ship unique to you! I highly recommend and was 100% satisfied!

  3. Dustyn Tuminello

    I really enjoyed putting this together! Definitely not for beginners though. I would have given 5 stars if the molds hadn’t been shifted like 0.5mm it created a ton of uneven parts that required hours of modification. Still not entirely pleased with the end result. That being said after 2 months of blood, sweat, and tears it’s finally complete! I’ll probably give it another go sometime in the future so I can avoid making the mistakes from the first time around. And I’ll return it immediately if the molds aren’t perfectly aligned next time. It was an adventure though. I recommend this product as long as you don’t get misaligned part trees.

  4. Jeremy Michael

    I have built this model 3 other times when I was younger and very inexperienced… Each one I built however did get better in quality and detail but there were still flaws in the work I preceded…. I’m much older now and quite frankly more calmer and comfortable with my abilities and I truly believed that if I gave it a 4th and final attempt…. I would succeed with a full blown victory… I searched the hobby store’s where I had shopped in the past and to my disappointing surprise…. The mini craft version of the titanic was no longer available for easy pickup at local stores… Then I resorted to searching online where I really don’t have alot of experience at shopping from… To be honest completely I’ve always been afraid and sceptical about buying online do to the ever so advancing scams that are out there…. I know there’s protection from most of that…. But one can never be too careful…. Especially when purchasing something with a substantial amount of money… But as I searched I discovered that this particular model had gone through an update and upgrade to the some of the actual parts enclosed and I also found out that since the movie “Titanic “…… Many of the the model kits were sold which in turn caused the actual molding parts at the factory to eventually start to ware making alot of the plastic tree’s the parts are attached to becoming flashy with extra unwanted plastic around…. That really worried me… Understand that I actually work around plastic injection molding machines building car sensors so I completely understand the detail of the problem…. To my findings and research the actual mold used to make these parts wasn’t going to be re-machined telling me that soon this particular model will be discontinued…. So… On that note I wasted no more time and looked for the most trusted site I could find… Being Amazon… And placed my order…. It arrived exactly the day they claimed it would and it was well packaged and protected… I haven’t started building it yet but I did get curious and stole a peak inside finding everything to in perfect condition…. So far from what I can see… I don’t see the extra flash from the wore out mold and this is the updated version…. I’m extremely pleased with the service I received and completely ecstatic about starting…. But… I must not rush into this like all the other times…. After all… this will be my final titanic that I’ll ever build…. Hopefully.. with my patience and my skills to my peak… And perhaps a little help from God…. This model will be “museum like art” when completed that generation after generation of my family can enjoy looking at in its protected glass case after I’m gone…. Thank you Amazon for your services….

  5. TheProfessor

    TO MUCH MONEY FOR THE QUALITY, NOT IMPRESSED. Bought as a gift for Christmas it was opened and closed up the next day.

  6. Tayler

    This Titanic is Awsome its kinda hard Buliting it

  7. TheProfessor

    Nice parts, some need a bit of work to fit perfectly, but with so many parts that’s to be expected. Detailing is great. The benches are a bit clunky and thick, and the railings as well, but the etched brass parts available on Amazon make excellent replacements.

  8. Dustyn Tuminello

    Was a great model to build. Having said that, some pieces that should have been there, weren’t. And there were quite a few typos. But any model builder worth their salt, can do some improvising and research. With that you end up with a great looking model. This was my second model I’ve built since I was a teenager and I’m glad I waited until my 30’s because it does test your patience. Some reviewers say it doesn’t come with the materials needed to achieve the results pictured. No model does, except for the most basic. Prepare to buy paints, and a few other materials. If you’re just starting out, material-wise, expect to invest another $100-150 USD. THIS IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS! If you come into this expecting everything to be handed to you on a silver platter with this one, then you should probably start with some snap-tite models and work your way up. But if you’re ready for a challenge, go ahead and get this kit. With time and a lot of patience, you will have a beautiful display piece.

  9. ARayF

    Excellent product fast shipping thanks fast media ship USA for making this model available for Indian buyers like me.i love this model of beautiful TITANIC

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