Pro-Line Racing Pro-Line Tire Glue, PRO603100

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  • Custom Glue Formula Specifically Designed for Maximum Bond with Tires
  • Super-Fast and Crystal Clear Drying
  • Maximum Strength Bond – 3,200 PSI Holding Strength
  • Unique Super Soft Round Bottle for Optimum Feel and Stability
  • Re-Usable Snap Fit Yellow Pro-Bond Applicator Tips

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13 reviews for Pro-Line Racing Pro-Line Tire Glue, PRO603100

  1. Collin & Kristen

    It’s a great product described exactly as is but after using it for the price and convenience of just being able to pick up a tube of generic super glue at your local Walmart or Target I think I’m just going to stick with super glue.

  2. Alexander

    5 Sterne.

  3. Mike gaughan

    Honestly best dang super glue I ever have had. I used for my rc car tires but used for many other quick fixes around the house too. Just be carful to not glue your fingers this is legit.

  4. Bradley West

    This glue and the tips are the best setup. With this, you could be considered a Surgeon of applying glue exactly were you want it. Those tips are amazing. In fact, you’ll find with these tips, you’ll use a lot less glue. When you done, clean the tips by spraying break cleaner through them. You’ll get lots of use out of them. If you dont, they will be done. Or if you in a pinch, air compressor. The glue holds very well. The bottle has a awesome screw on lid, so it will not leak. The bag it comes it is a zip lock style, save it, store the glue it it just in case it leaks. I showed my with the tips and she wants it for her nails. Just say no, this is RC glue and is for RC stuff only!

  5. Paul

    Great quality

  6. Brendon

    Worked as directed, bonds very fast.

  7. StraightUpReviews

    You know when you buy crazy glue and for whatever reason it always sucks and just doesnt work? This is not that. This stuff dries fast and sticks hard. I would buy again for sure. Using it on my rc tires and whatever i need some real crazy glue for

  8. Timothy Boone

    This stuff sticks hard and fast. Holds tires in place. Only downside is it dries fast. Don’t get it on your skin and make sure you have your tire in place before you have the glue open. Also don’t leave the bottle open unless you are physically using it because it will dry.

  9. Skyler

    Very good, dries fast so you will be back on the road in no time when a tire blown.

  10. superleggera

    First off, it is better to buy unglued tires and rims. It’s way cheaper in the long run and if you learn to glue it right, they stay glued forever. Pre-glued tires come unglued more often than the ones I have glued myself. Eventually your pre-glued tires will become unglued and you’ll need to buy tire glue anyway! Secondly, any old normal CA glue will technically work as tire glue. This glue is just slight better formulated and it much easier to apply.

    However, this is great bottle and tip. My favorite actually! I would have purchased this off of, but I found it here for cheaper.

    The glue works very well for me and I haven’t had any issues with my tires and rims. It is a good idea to wash your tires and rims with simple green(I find simple green to be the best agent for this application) before glueing your tires to the rim. Also, check over your tire bead to make sure there are no protrusions that would hinder the glue bonding to the rim uniformly. It is better for your tire bead to have a notch cut out of it than to have a tiny molding line stick out passed the normal bead. Lastly, get some tire bands or a handful of normal rubber bands and place them around the tire while it dries.

    The included tips are very useful. They are actually RPM tips and can be bought separately in a pack if you severely clog them. A good way to avoid clogging your tips is to just keep a needle inside or around the tip wherever you store it. After you use the glue, keep the tip on it for a second and hold it up right. Squeeze a little air through the tip while it is wet. Then, remove the tip and close the bottle of glue(preferably, store the glue bottle in a cold place to preserve the glue). After the tip has been removed run a needle or something small through it before storing the tip. As a last resort if the tip is clogged you can cut the tip down to an open point. Its not all that big of a deal, but I am still on the first tip after glueing dozens of tires.

    I really like this glue. Not the first nor last time I purchase this glue and tip combo. Highly recommend.

  11. Eric J.

    I used this to reply lettering on my car tires So far so good if you follow directions prep and clean tire first. It seemed to dry instantly. Ether way I let it sit for 24 hours the weather here is cool. I did drive a few miles before applying due to the cold weather that way the tiers were warm when I applied glue. After sitting 24 hours to dry i have driven around a 100 miles so far so good.

  12. chris

    Does the job

  13. Purchase Customer

    Thank you Proline
    For making a very good tire gule I aslo use it on other things I fix my aluminum bicycle light hanger because the hanger broke off I applied this gule omg it holds and its strong thanks my #1 gule

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