ROKR 3D Puzzles Wooden Music Box Kit with LED, Rotating Swing Ride Mechanical Model Kit DIY Wood Craft Hobbies Kit for Adults Birthday for Boys/Girls

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  • √SWING RIDE TOY: Build both a realistic swing carousel machine and music box at the same time. The 3d puzzle will swing to the music when you touch its switch. And the romntic lights will fliker like you are in a real amusement park. Melody: “Merry Go Round”
  • √MECHANICAL MODEL KIT: No glue is required. Just construct built-in gear trains to drive the motion of the 3D puzzle. The roof and chairs will rotate in the oppisite direction to that of pillar. So much fun to play and watch.
  • √MOTION-SENSER LIGHTS: Equipped with a senser unit for lights, this music box simulates a lively atmosphere of park upon touch. It will reminds you of lots of beautiful memories. Please prepare 3 pieces of AAA batteries yourself (not included due to shipping policy).
  • √GIFTABLE PACKAGE: Cool gift idea for both kids and adults.The package is beautifully designed. It comes with everything you need: Step-by-step manual, pre-cut wood sheets, a music movement, lights, wire, wax, sandpaper. Laser-cut parts is easy to pop put and fit well together.
  • √NEAT DECOR & HOBBY: Much free time at hands? Grab the time-worthy kit and you will have a really pleasant time with family. See how the mechanism come into life in your hands. Once finished, it can be a unique touch to home.

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8 reviews for ROKR 3D Puzzles Wooden Music Box Kit with LED, Rotating Swing Ride Mechanical Model Kit DIY Wood Craft Hobbies Kit for Adults Birthday for Boys/Girls

  1. rfeatherston

    I bought the Rokr chocolate shop puzzle and was hooked, so I decided to buy this “Midsummer Night’s Dream” which has proven be more of a nightmare than a dream. The bottom line is that the wood is so brittle that pieces keep breaking. Look, I’ve worked with lasercuts for years and get that you need to be careful, but the wood chosen for this model is poor quality. Keeps breaking and splintering. SO FRUSTRATING. Don’t get this model. Get a different one and hope for the best.

  2. Amazon Customer

    This was fun to put together and turned out very cute. Be careful when attaching some of the parts can be easy to break especially trim parts around the bottom. Keep some glue on hand when assembling. Comes with wax to help with ease of attaching some of the parts – which I recommend using.

  3. Skipjack

    Terrific build, looks and works like promo video. Lot of fun, a bit trickier than others I’ve done, but overall a very satisfying project. Previously wrote one star review. I have left part of it here – reason will be clear at the end.
    ” My 72nd model of this type. More than extremely disapointed. Assembled very carefully ( I know how to do this after doing over seventy). Instructions to “test” at a certain point. Tested. Nothing. No lights, no motor, no speaker. Checked batteries – OK. Checked all connections – OK. Tried everything., didn’t work.”

    Update 4/21/23:
    Pleased to report that ROKR has offered refund or replacement. I have asked for replacement and will update again after completion.
    Took a while, but ROKR customer service quite good in the end.
    4/26 Received replacement today. Again, kudos to ROKR customer service. Starting on it soon. Watch this space…
    Final update:
    My thanks again to ROKR customer service. Very happy with this product.

  4. Angélica Alvarado

    Required a small amount of glue. The only pieces I really struggled with were the very top 4 pieces holding the flag on top. I manged to get everything else out in tact but that particular part.

  5. Dissatisfied

    Challenging to assemble, functions well when finished.

  6. J. Price

    The media could not be loaded.

     Las instrucciones son faciles de entender. Al terminarlo y ponerlo a funcionar es fantástico. Estoy super feliz. Lo amo

  7. J. Price

    The media could not be loaded.

     Full transparency: I get that most people are just not interested in all this detail work that an autist like me gets joy from. I confess I built the thing weeks ago I can’t remember most of the frustration points. I know that when it came time to seat the top part to the bottom part, I couldn’t get the gears to “engage” and had to unbuild step by step until I figured out where I had screwed up. That’s on me and not the manufacturer. I also broke a few pieces and had to glue the top flag assembly on, but only I will ever notice.

    Obviously, most of my time was spent painting, and if you want to go that route, it would be sooooo much easier to paint before assembly. But how do you know exactly what you’re painting? I was initially planning to use HO scale seated people, but the seats are so tiny most of them didn’t even fit. And the scale is too small regardless. Luckily, monkeys one day appeared on the craft desk, courtesy of my model train-crazed husband.

  8. Joseph

    This is pretty cool. I am still working on building this. I have never built one of these before. So far just looking at the pieces in the box is overwhelming. I’m currently working on going through the instructions to get it built. I’m half way there and I cant wait to get it finished and see the final result.

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