TAMASHII NATIONS Bandai Soul of Chogokin Gx-89 Garmillas Space Cruiser Space Battleship Yamato 2202″

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  • It lights up
  • It plays back key voices and sounds
  • Even better, it communicates with the gx-86 space cruiser Yamato 2202 (sold separately) for interactive play!
  • Product bears official Bluefin logo

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Additional information

Product Dimensions

4.9 x 10.2 x 4.9 inches

Item Weight

14.1 ounces

Item model number


Release date

January 25, 2020


Tamashii Nations

2 reviews for TAMASHII NATIONS Bandai Soul of Chogokin Gx-89 Garmillas Space Cruiser Space Battleship Yamato 2202″

  1. David Swan

    The GX-89 was released in November of 2019 at a price of 13,200 yen or about $120 USD. I bought mine from Amazon for $104.60 and the current price as I write this review is $64.54. Clearly, I jumped the gun too early on this one and could have saved myself around $40 if I waited a bit. Based on the current price of over $300 for the GX-86 Space Battleship Yamato 2202, this price is an absolute steal.

    If you’re wondering why the Soul of Chogokin Yamato ships are so much more expensive than other Bandai Yamato ships, it’s because these aren’t models. These include die-cast and high-quality plastic. This is not a vehicle that you could simply crush in your hand. It’s also not intended as a toy to be played with. It’s intended to be put on a shelf and looked at as one might with a piece of artwork. It also has light up and sound features and my understanding is that it can interact with the GX-86 although I haven’t tested that functionality.

    I believe this one would be considered a Kripotera Class Astro Destroyer of the Garmillan fleet. There are a variety of different Garmillas Warships, but these are generally the most common on the television show and tend to be destroyed by any slight breeze. They are 160 meters long versus 333 meters for the Yamato. The figure is 24 cm long while the GX-86 is 42.5 cm long so it’s not precisely to scale. By my calculation, the GX-89 should actually be a little less than 20.5 cm. No big deal. They look great next to each other so I’m not going to complain. I can’t spot a single flaw in the design compared to what’s in the animation and the paint job looks perfect.

    I would love to see Bandai create more Garmillas Warships although that could be a problem given the scale they’ve established with the Yamato. The Gaiperon-Class Multideck Astro Assault Carrier is 410 meters and would be over 52 cm long or about 20 inches. Yikes. The incredibly cool Zoelguut-Class Super Dreadnought would be more than double the length of the Yamato. There are some vehicles like the Meltoria-Class Battlecruiser that are smaller than the Yamato, but I’m really not interested in anything larger. One option would be to say to hell with scale although I like to have my vehicles together. Suffice to say, I really hope Bandai continues to make these Yamato ships in their Soul of Chogokin line.

  2. David Swan

    I periodically check to see what Soul of Chogokin models have been released and was surprized to come across this Garmillas cruiser. Perhaps good that I didn’t know about it earlier or else I would have bought it at a higher price as soon as it became available. At the current price around $65 you could buy two of them and display them in formation! I’m very tempted to purchase another one to do that, but for now I just grabbed one. Most of the hull feels like it is a big chunk of die-cast metal, with plastic for the wings, turrets, and superstructure. Overall I think it is a great model. My one complaint is that it is a bit out of scale next to a Soul of Chogokin Yamato models. Still looks fine displayed next to Yamato as Garmillas cruisers come in different sizes while retaining similar design features. Best I can tell this is modeled after a Destoria Class Heavy Cruiser. However, they have definately compressed the length of the ship; scale wise compared to the Yamato, this has the length more along the lines of the smaller Kripitera Cruiser (which doesn’t have the two top mounted forward facing beam turrets). No matter, I still love it.

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