TAMIYA 300012622  1:350 Battle Model Set 144

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  • Descriptif produit: Maquette plastique à assembler
  • Age minimum : 14 ans, Maßstab 1:350
  • 144 Figuren, Skala 1:350
  • 144 figurer, Scale: 1:350.
  • 144 figurines.

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Additional information

Product Dimensions

0.75 x 4.25 x 6 inches

Item Weight

0.704 ounces

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Release date

July 25, 2013



13 reviews for TAMIYA 300012622  1:350 Battle Model Set 144

  1. Jay Lawrence

    Recieved my package earlier than expected. Was decently packaged and even had a personal note from the seller, which was a very nice touch. Using these on a 1/350 Enterprise refit build. So far have painted up Scottie, Spock, and even found Waldo! (And yes, I put Waldo in my Enterprise model. 100% pleased with my purchase and 150% pleased with the excellent customer service. Thank you.

  2. Jeffrey Turner

    I already Knew what I was Getting into purchasing these Figures!! Though they are Flat they are still an Addition to any 1/350 scale model! Wanna see Small? Try the 1/700 scale figures!!
    I highly suggest thinking Ahead! Paint them on the Sprues! Then Cut off with a Razor blade! Having them on a FLAT SURFACE!, I have only seen 1/350;figures in Full form & not flat in one Model I got in 1/350 ( USS Buchanan? ) a US DD@

  3. donzic

    These are great, but I suppose I was a little overly optimistic when ordering. I thought these would be completely three-dimensional….they’re really not. They’re just thicker versions of brass etch, with no relief detail such as noses, etc. HONESTLY at this scale that shouldn’t be a problem. They are certainly better than photoetch in terms of thickness, so I’m quite happy with that, and you get a ton of figures, so no worries of one or two disappear while painting (they will, by the way).

  4. Paul Smith

    Take some time to paint but really enhance the model.

  5. ralph n clark

    probably the greatest waste of money i have ever spent on amazon. if you can paint them then you must have amazing eyesight. if you can make them stick on a model they look ridiculous they just spoil your hard work.

  6. Paul Smith

    Very usefull for adding that extra level of realism to any 1/350th scale ship. Bit short on variety of poses, whick is a shame, and no seated figures. A magnifier is vital for painting, as are quality brushes. The mouldings are very simple and a little imagination is a help .. as would be some headache tablets!

  7. diane

    The plastic figurines are perfect scale for 350 model star ship.

  8. richard

    People who make ships often use the term ‘ghost ship’ – by this I discovered they mean models of ships with no people. I have used all sorts of figures but these are by far the simplest to use and paint. Furthermore adding them to a model makes a massive difference. Painting them is really easy and is putting them on the model, its just takes a bit of time.

    The big issue with them is that 144 figures are not really enough – it is a shame you can not buy a massive value pack with 1000 figures in it. I have attached an image of a restoration I carried out where figures were introduced to help lift the model.

  9. Frederick

    This Tamiya 300012622 – 1:350 Battle Ship Model Set 144 was thought to be of good source for my Star Trek 1/350 1701 Refit. I thought it would be fun to paint and place members on the ship where feasible. However, they are so tiny, I doubt if I can get a paint brush measurable to paint. The most upsetting about this product is that it was priced too high at $14.83 plus tax $16.15. After purchasing and receiving the item because I was curious to see if it was the right product, I returned to Amazon and saw the price was reduced to $6.00. I was ripped off. I immediately felt to return the item even though I opened it. Why individuals like gauging prices and taking advantage of people? These are way too tiny…..not worth it!

    Update: So I was angry! Beside from getting ripped off, I do suggest searching for better price. Since most 1/350 models use such small tiny human miniatures, perhaps making use of a Head Strap magnifier with lights may applicable to attempt to paint the tiny people…… So, I made the right choice of product but wrong choice of vendor. Thus, I raise the rating one more notch.

  10. Amazon Customer

    These sailors are 5/32 of an inch tall. Although intended to be for the IJN, I used them for the USN and Royal Navy. I spray painted them all white then did the black, skin colors, kakhi color etc,., before removing from the Sprue. They require the use of a tweezers and a magnifying head piece to paint and place them in position. Your hands must be steady and interlocked both when applying the paint and placing the sailors onboard. If possible,you should mark the plan exactly where you want to place the sailors and add them to the ship as you are building…..not when you are finished.

  11. Felix Gonzales

    Should have been prepainted

  12. Jay Lawrence

    I think that these are perfect for what I need them for. Building the Enterprise refit model, and they will be used as crewmen. At 1:350 scale you wont be able to see a lot of detail which is totally fine.

  13. Birdman

    i thoutht this was a great product arrived promptly and my boyfriend really enjoyed this product would not hesitat e to get another

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