TAMIYA 300035176 – 1:35 WWII Special Vehicle 171 Panther G Late Version (2)

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  • Scale: 1: 35
  • Length 257 mm
  • 2 figurines.

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Additional information

Product Dimensions

9.7 x 2.4 x 16 inches

Item Weight

1.12 pounds

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Release date

July 25, 2013



13 reviews for TAMIYA 300035176 – 1:35 WWII Special Vehicle 171 Panther G Late Version (2)

  1. Rich

    Usual Tamiya quality but shipped from India and takes forever to receive it. India? Yep.

  2. Herman

    Accurate going by pictures of the tank on Google Images, I am no anorak but enjoy these model kits. It can be as simple or complex as you wish when it comes to all the bells and whistles, but they appear to be all there. Nice sturdy end product. Note the skull transfer is one I borrowed from another kit. The tank number (301) is one of three options you can choose from.

  3. Steiner

    Great model

  4. R. Ochoa

    Very good kit thanks

  5. Rich

    A great model for its age, but like all Tamiya kits, in dire need of Fruil aftermarket tracks, Aber photo etch,Bison decals and the like. But a great basis with which to start a fine model. The Tamiya figure of the commander suffers in having no neck; he will go into the dust bin along with the rubber band tracks. The loader will benefit from a Hornet head and remain with the model, along with two Alpine Minatures. Recommended.

  6. Jack

    My son loved making this. Looks very good.

  7. Jack

    Spot on just what I was looking for and even had the armoured skirt which is not shown on the box great detail and value for your money. Very happy☺

  8. JJ

    Straight forward to build – really good. But are the tracks one link short? I found so and had to adapt one of the spare track links. Otherwise tho it was excellent.

  9. Jamie

    This is the late model kit. The other reviewer is incorrect about having parts for both early and late. It has some parts for the early version. You don’t have the required identical radiator fan to make the early Panther G. I took away 1 star because the Schürzen construction is not good at all. Some of the Tamiya kits provide actual hangers to attach the skirts to, but this one only has a flat nub to glue it onto. It’s not realistic looking because it looks like it’s floating against the tank.

    I’ll finish painting in a couple days and will post pics.

  10. Berton S Kaufman

    Nice model, fast service. Good price.

  11. Stephanie Araneta

    This is the best panther kit I’ve ever built

  12. Stephanie Araneta

    I realize that fair value is a relative term, but when comparing this Tamiya kit to it’s competitors in the same category, this kit is well worth the investment.

    Positives: Above average exterior detail, parts fit easily together, minimal flash, easy to follow instructions, etc. The typical hallmarks of Tamiya 1/35 armor kits.

    Negatives: The Schurzen (spaced armor) is affixed to the hull sides in a rather clumsy and non-detailed manner – no brackets or hooks. There is essentially no interior detail apart from the gun breach, which is a minor consideration for me (based on the price point), but my single biggest critique would be the poor quality of the (2) figurines. The commander figure in particular is extremely poor in terms of appearance (no neck) and not suitable for discerning model builders. I would suggest using figures from other kits. Problem solved.

    During the building process, I decided to cut the long single piece schurzen panels along the molded fault lines with the end result being (5) smaller panel sections on each side. This allows the builder to then affix all or any combination of sections (they often detached during battle, cross country movement, etc) and even if you decide to attach all panel sections, you can “stagger” the placement a bit to render a more realistic appearance.

    In terms of painting, I applied a dark grey base coat (as per usual) and then applied a dark green primary color on top. I opted for a late war, probably Eastern Front, camoflauge scheme and this was extremely fun to recreate. The Germans employed an almost limitless array of camoflauge patterns on their tanks over the 2-3 years of the war and you can find reference photos in numerous places on-line, but don’t become overly caught up in “not getting exactly right”, use the archival photos as a loose guide and have fun with the process. You should want your finished model to be unique, anyway.

    After the primary base painting and camoflauge was completed, I spent multiple hours adding an overall wash, pin detail wash, oil paints, dry pigments, chipping techniques, etc. I have not added any battle damage as I envision this tank as a new arrival to the front and I’ve kept the misc. equipment, etc. atop the tank to the bare minimum, but a well worn fuel drum (hairspray technique) was a nice touch for this tank. As a final step, I applied a light overspray or dusting (Tamiya Buff) via airbrush to “flatten” or “mute” the overall shine of the paint which will improve the overall finished apperance.

    This tank is approximatley 95% complete and it will ultimatley find it’s way into a diorama, but for now, I will close by saying that I readily endorse this model and I love the end result.

    04.14.2020 – The Panther is probably the tank that I enjoy modeling most as the camo schemes are virtually limitless. I was never completely satisfied with the result in 2017 so I initiated a “ReDo” and I’m much happier with the end product. I opted for a very late war version of Panther G’s that were photographed February-March 1945 around the Kustrin front. So much fun.

  13. Herman

    very good kit

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