TAMIYA 35313 1/35 US Light Tank M5A1 Plastic Model Kit

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  • Re-release of item 35097 1/35 scale U. S. Light Tank M5A1.
  • Features of the tank including the turret and the hull’s welded and bolted parts are accurately reproduced for a sharp finish.
  • Hedgerow cutters which were attached to the tank’s front seen at the Normandy invasion are included.
  • Kit includes one figure using the anti-aircraft gun and a three-man mortar team. (Total 4pcs. )

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Product Dimensions

11.5 x 7.5 x 2.38 inches

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0.01 ounces

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Date First Available

October 10, 2007

13 reviews for TAMIYA 35313 1/35 US Light Tank M5A1 Plastic Model Kit

  1. Heather

    Another awesome Tamiya kit. It took me a long time, as it is a rather challenging kit, it was quite fun to complete. My model includes a few weathering products (Vallejo thick mud and Tamiya weathering kit A) and it turned out great!

  2. Heather

    Older Tamyia kit that has been around for some time. Kit has the “holes” in the hull bottom that many of the older “motorized” Tamiya kits have/had that need filling and sanding other than that the kit is what you expect from a Tamyia kit. There are some small scale accuracy issues common to just about all 1/35th scale kits that are easy to fix with either a little scratch building or an aftermarket PE/detail set.
    The tracks are the old type “rubber band” style that require heating and melting them together, which can be a complete pain in the tail at times. They are often too tight and will pull apart at the join. I would suggest aftermarket tracks if you can find them or reinforcing the joining point of the tracks with superglue and heavy upholstery thread (in black of course). This allows for a stronger join as well as a little more wiggle room for the length of the track so it isn’t quite as tight.
    Even then you may have to reposition the idler wheel to get the right “tension” on the tracks so be ready for that if it comes to that.
    There is zero interior detail on this kit, which if you model it as the box art suggests with all hatches closed isn’t an issue. If you want to have the hatches open you will either have to scratch build an interior, kit bash another M-5 kit that has one, or go aftermarket.
    I did a little of all three for the turret and drivers compartment interiors since I plan on having both the drivers, co-driver/hull machine gunner’s, and turret hatches open. I didn’t need a great amount of detail in any of those areas, just what could be seen around the figures I am using in the tank itself.
    The kit goes together really easily and is still a fun build.
    The figures that come with the kit are molded in the usual Tamyia good detail and poses. Some filling and sanding of various arm, leg, and waist joints is required even if you don’t change any of the original poses, which is almost always the case regardless of the figure manufacturer.
    Once I have the figures/tank painted I will update this review with a picture or two.

  3. RAL3729

    The quality of the model is great.
    This the best wrapped model that I have ever received. Absolutely no damage to the box.

  4. Mad Mark

    Excellent purchase 5******

  5. Brett Kreyer

    Great thanks again I don’t have any problems buy-in from this company as I have another model coming soon and one more saved for later👍😁


    I just received my model today, actually a day earlier than was expected. Tamyia has the top notch kits. I’m anxious to begin. My only negative I can give is the kit was not sealed from factory. In a quick inspection it looks as if everything is there with all the inner bags sealed. I’m sure all will be well with it.

  7. Phil Coulson

    It was a fairly simple bid though i had to have a few takes at the instructions, but it looks really good after it’s done

  8. Kate

    This kit of the US M5A1 is probably one of the best on the market, needing very little re-modelling to produce a convincing representation of this iconic tank. A lot of extra stowage helps to give a more realistic image. Storage space inside was reserved for ammunition, with little space for personal stuff. That leaves the tank’s outside! Once you get into the frame of mind of a 1940’s tank crewman, you can easily make a list of what they would need to ‘live’ in their tank. that is one drawback with all the M5A1 kits. There’s a load of aftermarket goodies you could tap into, and i would advise some research, photo’s, camo scheme’s etc. Set a period you want to portray, practice producing battle dame but don’t get locked into enemy fire damage. These tanks lived a rough life and as such would pick up scares, dents, body damage and a lot of mud!
    The second part of this kit is the mortar team. This is my only criticism as, although accurate, they don’t really portray battlefield conditions and the ‘make do’ life of the front-line ‘Grunt’, they are far too ‘clean’. They will need a lot of careful modelling and excellent painting skills to arrive at a realistic finish.
    That aside this an excellent kit to build and a great start to 1/35th scale modelling … enjoy.

  9. Tom Sweet

    Tamiya models and accessories are the best on the market in my opinion.

  10. Birdman

    I bought this for a diorama based on the Normandy tank battles with a Panzer IIV also from Tamiya and it is a great kit. The parts fit together really nicely and it comes with a crew of 4 all have good detail and the finished model looks really cool. Painted with acrylics thinned with water and a drop of washing up liquid and my airbrush.
    Another great kit from Tamiya and reasonably priced as well.

  11. RAL3729

    I’ve done three 1/35 land vehicles and a couple planes, but this was the most difficult one, which is odd coming from Tamiya. There are a number of gaps to fill, unusual molding seams, etc. The road wheel assembly is a pain to paint, due to the construction of it. (Even if the road wheel design really is NOT Tamiya’s fault, it’s still a hassle.) I did some research online, and apparently there are a large number of historical inaccuracies. I’m willing to overlook them, but you might not be, depending on what kind of model you want.

    All this said, THIS IS A FANTASTIC MODEL. You not only get a tank, but also four figures, a mortar, an extra machine gun, tons of weapons and ammo, and even some extra add-on armor. For about 20 dollars, there’s no better buy if you have some experience with plastic models. I’m in the painting stage and at this point the ‘defects’ are more like fun challenges in the kit. 4/5, would totally buy again.

  12. Fishwish

    Excellent model.Great detail and easy to build. Good clear instructions.

  13. Jerry P

    The M5 Stuart Tank was one of several US Army tanks produced during WWII. This kit has a bonus 3-man mortar team with apparently an M1 81 mm mortar, and possibly an SCR-609 or SCR-610 radio. Note: this kit did not have a driver figure, but I used one from another kit.

    Likes: This kit has detailed parts with very little flash. A brief history of the M5 Tank is included in the instructions. The bonus mortar team is a nice touch.

    Dislikes: There are holes in the bottom of the hull apparently for a battery-powered version of the model. The hedgerow-cutter can’t be omitted without leaving visible slots at the front of the hull. Tamiya’s method of making radio antennas by having the customer stretch heated plastic sprues just seems hokey.

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