TAMIYA 35369 1/35 German Lt Tank Panzerkampfwagen 38t Ausf E/F

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  • 1/35 German Lt Tank Panzerkampfwagen

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Additional information

Product Dimensions

6 x 29 x 19 inches

Item Weight

10 ounces

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Release date

January 1, 2020



13 reviews for TAMIYA 35369 1/35 German Lt Tank Panzerkampfwagen 38t Ausf E/F

  1. James c.

    I screwed up the decal on the turret and became depressed and tried to drink it away….lol..
    Been building for decades. Not for a beginner….but not an expert build.

    Instead I made it abandoned and rusted. Turned out well…but that wasn’t where I was going.

    The build was enjoyable enough that I purchased another one…hopefully won’t screw this one up…

    Build on Tread Heads!


  2. Andrew

    The model is fantastic, one of my favorite models produced by Tamiya, up there with the R35. The pieces are fantastically molded, and they practically snap together in places. There are many times where the pieces have just the tiniest gap between them, but when hit with cement and pushed together, the cement melts the plastic just enough to create a perfect joint. The R35 had this quality as well. Everything about the kit is fantastic. I would say this is not a beginner kit, but a good intermediate kit.

    Good for someone who has maybe already built 4-5 other kits. It is not so much that the model is difficult to put together, but moreso because some of the pieces are very small it is good to learn how to work with smaller pieces first. My tip, cut the pieces on top of tape, so if you drop the pieces they are caught in the tape instead of bouncing off to who knows where.

    I can’t wait to paint the model. I think it will look great once it is fully done, but for now I just have it put together. In fact, not even everything is glued on because the pieces fit so snuggly I can pop them on and off without it falling apart. So I can paint them separately while still being able to have a completed model now to look at prior to painting.

  3. DS

    This Tamiya kit is fairly new out and I’d heard lots of positives about it. Turns out it was all true, excellent kit straight out of the box, virtually no flash, seam lines are minimal, attachment points clean up well and it fits together like a glove. In other words, the usual Tamiya standard! No rubber band tracks with this kit, link and length which go together pretty well. Really nice figure included, that sits on the open hatch. Easy and simple build, finish off with a decent paint job and some weathering and you have a fantastic build. Hopefully my photos do it justice. Definitely recommend!

  4. hcannon5698

    As usual for Tamiya, designed for a easy construction, yet still has details found on more complex kits like the Hobby Boss/Tristar 38(t).

  5. hcannon5698

    One of Tamiya’s better kits. Not a big kit as the 38t was a small tank. Fit is outstanding and the length and link tracks were an easy fit. Flash is nonexistent and very few ejector pin marks. One figure of a tanker is well detailed. Tamiya has recently brought their figures more into scale compared to the oversized 1:35 figures from the ’70 and 80’s.


    I am looking forward to this build. Have ordered figures to use with it in a diorama. I gave it to myself for Christmas or it would have been opened, washed, and going together.

  7. River Lilly

    Build quality, fit and detail are far above expectation, considering the price. Photo etch is available on amazon if you want to go further than OOB build.

  8. Michael LeTourneau

    Parts fit together with no issues, this was a lot of fun to build. If all models went together like this there would be no need for putty.

  9. Colin Jeffrey

    Very good value for the money and fits well

  10. Andrew

    Tamiya has really been upping their game lately. I won’t write a lengthy review here. If you’ve built Tamiya you know fit is flawless. This little jewel has length and link tracks, and for me that, combined with a really good price was all I needed. You can’t go wrong with this!

  11. River Lilly

    Built the Hobbyboss version of this tank and there is no comparison. This Tamiya version almost ‘clicked’ together and was a joy to build. The detail is really good.

  12. WHL

    I was hoping for a bit more of a time consumer, but the tank went together very quickly. The was a bit of trouble fitting the turret together but that was it. (Tiger I not included.)

  13. Colin Jeffrey

    Easy build, no issues with the moulding

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