TAMIYA F4U-1 Corsair Birdcage Hobby Model Kit

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  • 1/32 scale kit
  • Includes two (2) pilot figures (seated or standing)
  • Decals and painting guide for three (3) aircraft

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Price History for TAMIYA F4U-1 Corsair Birdcage Hobby Model Kit for 168 months to 1200 months

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Age Range Description

168 months to 1200 months





Item Dimensions LxWxH

19 x 11.5 x 4 inches

Included Components

Aircraft Model Kit, Figures

Item Weight

2.2 pounds

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Product Dimensions

19 x 11.5 x 4 inches

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Date First Available

July 15, 2013

13 reviews for TAMIYA F4U-1 Corsair Birdcage Hobby Model Kit

  1. Nuno Andresen

    Tamiya is a landmark of innovation and a brand modellers normally associate to be the very best around!

    I remember when I was young, around 1983, I built the Flak 88. A kit released way back in 1970! This kit changed forever plastic kit industry as it demonstrated there was a wide room for the adult toy market: For the adult who wanted to build the most realistic possible scale miniature, without no compromises to get a youngster playing toy but a true shelf static life like miniature. The years passed and Tamiya dazzled modelers with either museum pieces such as 1/12 scale cars to tiny 1/72 aircraft painstakingly researched and engineered to be simultaneously accurate and easy to build.

    It is exactly this trilogy Tamiya surpassed themselves, if possible, with this project! Taking accuracy, easiness, and show stopper triangle to a whole new level!

    Do you know their other 1/32 aicraft? The F-4, F-15, F-16, Zero, Spitfire and Mustang? Most probably you’ll feel that several key features could be improved in the F-4 and F-15, that come from the 90’s and the F-16 has too many pin marks in the wheel wells that are not good to clean. The WWII fighters on the other hand are each incredible and at first glance flawless! But … and now it comes the “buts”: They have some tricky assembles such as working landing gear or photo etched annoying parts for working movable surfaces.

    This Corsair moves to complete new dimension: Now the movable surfaces of the real aircraft are not engineered in the kit to be movable too, but you decide in what position you want to place them. This is a static model and things get much more simple here, bringing success much easier to accomplish not compromising realism. As opposed to the Spitfire, that has a very short fit tolerance around the nose / engine area, here the assembly is superbly easy, flawless and dimensionaly much more tolerant. You almost feel it to be just as easy as the 1/72 model but with many more parts coming in to the model. Out of the box, the detail of the gigantic Pratt & Whitney R-2800 engine is amazing and the same goes for the cockpit.

    Now, for me the key highlight of this model, and what places the bar in a new level: It is the realism of the airframe: Every possible item of the real one is duplicated in miniature: Overlapping panels, raised features, embossed features, slotted screw heads look like slotted screw heads, bolts that look like bolts, rows and rows of rivets with different dimensions and patters. The fuselage / wings alone will make you stand in ovation for long. I compared the belly of the miniature to the real one and it is incredible how they both match so equally.

    The folding wing mechanism is quite similar to the real one. The charismatic look of this possibility together with dropped flaps and opened cowl flaps will create a model that ultimately will look like if a wizard had miniaturized a real one, placing it thirty two times smaller in your bench!

    Tamiya pattern makers and engineers excelled themselves with this kit. The whole team, the whole company must be applauded for bringing such a remarkable product to the market! It builds incredibly well and places detail in a new dimension.

    If you like scale models, no matter the theme or genre, place this kit on top of your wish list! You will not regret, as a matter of fact, the modelling pleasure the model will give you will be unique! Let the next one come!

  2. William J. Spinar,Jr

    I have not started construction, but the kit is very well defined. Because of the quality I plan on taking my time putting it together.

  3. Richard D. Bradley

    Rich in detail, good for many weeks of building. A good kit for experienced builders, NOT FOR BEGINNERS.

  4. SnapshotSamurai

    This kit has the best fit and finish of any kit I have ever built. The many build options let you personalize your kit and display it the way you want. I thoroughly enjoyed building this plane and would highly recommend it.

    – excellent instructions in multiple languages with an included photo booklet
    – multiple build/display options
    – photo etch parts for super detail
    – perfect panel lines, rivets and details
    – no flash and a fit so good the parts will hold lightly without glue
    – nice large scale to show of the features of the plane
    – many aftermarket upgrade kits available

  5. Juan Ortega

    This was a Christmas present for my 11 year old who is incredibly talented at putting together these types of models and he loves it, l’ll have to send an update as he takes his time to put it together

  6. Federico

    Stupendo modello difficilmente reperibile in commercio a questo prezzo! Tamiya insieme ad altre marche famose è sinonimo di qualità, scatola perfetta con tutti pezzi che si accoppiano con precisione e catalogati in maniera eccellente,insomma una garanzia che acquista valore nel tempo.
    Consigliato agli amanti del genere

  7. M. SERRES

    Bon prix pour une excellente maquette de TAMIYA. MAIS, MAIS, reçue sans aucune protection ni emballage scellé et surtout avec l’adresse et les étiquettes d’expédition collées directement sur la boite., un coin de la boite est aussi abimé. TAMIYA ne mérite pas ce traitement!
    Il m’a donc fallu: enlever les étiquettes (difficile et reste une colle trés adhésive délicate à enlever), vérifier grappe par grappe le contenu de la boite (s’aider de la liste des grappes dans le livret de montage). A priori, tout semble étre là.
    Donc aussi, MERCI à La Poste pour avoir livré un colis dans cet état (j’ai connu bien pire). J’ai également compris pourquoi personne a répondu à ma question: maquette scellée et complète?????
    On en a pour son prix comme déjà indiqué par un autre acheteur. Mais la maquette est superbe surtout si vous complétez avec les résines Eduard.

  8. william a simpson

    The price was great and received product in 2 weeks. My only issue is that Tamiya box came not shrink wrapped as has been my experience with all their kits. Did a complete inspection of all plastic bags which were closed. I found all parts to be there. This is something that should be considered if you have issues with this and fact item is shipped from Hong Kong directly. Last but not least you get what you pay for . If the price is too good to be true it usually is!,

  9. Heather Funke

    Tamiya does it again with their 1/32 series of WW2 fighters. Somehow this kit even surpasses the superb P-51D. This kit is probably not for those new to the hobby or still mastering basic modeling skills; however, fit and engineering is second to none, and if you can navigate the intricate build process you can build this. kit.

    The only negative to this kit, which is shared with all Tamiya kits, are the horrendous decals. Frankly, Tamiya’s decals are awful and anyone plopping down $100 for a kit should expect better. Don’t even consider using the kit decals. Invest in an aftermarket set and you’ll be much happier.

  10. Janette S. Kowatch

    I had been looking around for this model as a gift for my boyfriend for Christmas and everywhere I looked it was between $150.00 – $ 350.00 and when I looked on Amazon and seen the price I couldn’t believe it. So I hurried up and boujght it.

  11. leslie beaumont

    I haven’t started the building of this kit yet, but going by the views of fellow modellers I’m more than sure this one
    state of the art great model kit .

  12. peter


  13. Matthew

    If you are a builder of models you know the reputation that is Tamiya. As they say in the modeling world, “With a Tamiya kit all you have to do is open the box, throw in the glue and paint and shake the box and the model is done.” Yes Tamiya is that good. Pretty much if the real thing has it, then Tamiya puts it on its models. Yes, its does help if you have been building models for a few years before you tackle a Tamiya model, Tamiya is the standard of models that other companies strive for. There are several companies that are near the quality of Tamiya. But you will pay for the high standard and the detail that comes from Tamiya.
    The F4U-1 model is a beautiful model that one can build straight out of the box with no aftermarket anything and you will get a great looking model. The parts are clean, the casting is beautiful. Tamiya gives you several options, folded wings, open or closed cockpit, inflight stand, flaps either up or down, cowling flaps, open or closed.
    There are several different markings provided, and a check online shows a host of others should you not like what is provided. There are numerous aftermarket detail kits out there as well. It just depends on how much money you want to spend. If you have the money and are looking for great build then THIS is the one to get. Its not small once you build it, just make sure you have the space ready for once you do.

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