Tamiya Models MK.IV Male Motorized WWI British Tank

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  • Chains on the unditching beam are depicted using metal parts
  • Pre-assembled single motor gearbox enables forward movement
  • 1/35 Scale Armor

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Product Dimensions

9.05 x 4.63 x 2.9 inches

Item Weight

1.43 pounds

Item model number



1 AA batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



MMD Holdings, LLC

Date First Available

July 23, 2014

12 reviews for Tamiya Models MK.IV Male Motorized WWI British Tank

  1. WJBS

    Excellent detailed model. Excellent instructions. Very good quality. Great fun to do.

  2. GAF

    I enjoyed building this kit, it went together with no problems and I needed no filler at all, the moulding was very good quality. The motor works though it’ll never get used again. It was the export model and thus came with the 5 infantrymen included, which I have yet to make up.

  3. JoeM

    Battery operated and extremely scale with well sculpted fine details. Best WWI English tank model made.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Best model I have ever built. Alot of fun and best quality of materials and fit. Some parts almost snapped together. Cant wait to get the other 3 in the 4 series. Thanks Mark

  5. Daniel Allen Butler

    Absolute accuracy, flawless engineering. This is one of the finest 1/35 scale kits ever produced by Tamiya, and it sets the benchmark for any other Great War tank kits on the market. It perfectly captures the crude but powerful aura of the early tanks, and with just a bit of imagination it’s possible to conjure up a sense of how loud, hot, and dangerous service as a crewman in one of these beasts must have been.

    With over 300 parts, not to mention the 170+ tread links, this is NOT a simple model by any means. Assembly is done in 37 separate steps, outlined and detailed in a 16-page instruction booklet, and anyone undertaking a build of this model is well advised to follow the instructions precisely: this is unlike any other tank model you’ve ever built, so there are none of the usual shortcuts that you can take to speed up the process. Having said that, it’s worth noting that the actual assembly process is straightforward and without unnecessary complications. The moldings are flash-free, completely devoid of sink marks or ejector pin imprints, and cast with amazingly sharp detail, especially of bolt heads and rivet heads. Wherever armor plates were butted together on the original tank, a recessed panel line marks the join on the kit, adding futher visual depth to the finished model. Some panels are designed to be removed in order to allow access to the interior of the model; so well-engineered is this kit that unless you know which panels are such, you’ll never know they are there.

    Now, in one sense, this kit is a throwback to the days of Tamiya in the 1970s, when most of their models were motorized. The Mark IV Male kit is motorized, but whereas back in the bad old days Tamiya would sometimes (OK, often) take liberties with dimensional accuracy in order to accommodate an electric motor, gearbox, and batteries, on the Mark IV Male, no such compromises are made. To begin with, this is a damned big model for 1/35 scale — at 9 1/2″ long, 4 1/2″ wide and 4″ high, it’s “display footprint” is as large as an M1A1 Abrams in the same scale. So there is plenty of room for the motor and drive train. Better yet, because of careful engineering, none of the drive components are visible outside the tank. Even the on/off switch is concealed on the bottom of the vehicle.

    Adding a dimension to the motorization are the tracks — each side made up of 87 separate links that literally snap together. As much attention has been paid to the details of these tracks as to the rest of the kit, with their subtle curves and riveted structure being carefully reproduced. Ultimately the motorization is sort of an added whistle and bell for the kit, as it does nothing to compromise the accuracy of the model.

    Bottom line is this: the British Mark IV (Male) Tank is a wonderful model, whether built up solely for display or to take out for the occaisional crawl across the carpet. It’s worth every penny spent on the price.

  6. Chase

    The model is great, however it did take quite a long time to ship. It’s a little smaller than I had anticipated but it shall nevertheless be an entertaining and exciting model to make a build

  7. IJH

    I am no expert on 1/35 scale military models so please take that into account when reading my comment. Having built a few plastic kits in the past I appreciate the very high quality of this kit. The mouldings are sharp and seem highly accurate. The model is motorised and is offered at a high price. point as a result but I did ask myself after buying it ,why! I am not sure why they bothered to add the motor as the model cannot easily be controlled, it all seems rather pointless. Given the power supply is a single 1.5 volt battery you can forget any ideas of radio control. As a result of the motorising there is no internal detail. A very nice kit but rather overpriced due to the motorising, that is a novelty that will soon wear off.

  8. GAF

    I purchased this Mk1V male tank to add to a small diorama that I completed to go into a small exhibition relating to WW1 at our Museum/Town Hall Remembrance Week. I have not made up one of these kits since a child and that was a very long time ago. This kit being motorised was not particularly cheap but I can say that the intricate parts go together beautifully. I wanted the motorised version (not the RC model) because I wanted to demonstrate how the shape of the tank was developed to cross trenches/barbed wire etc.

  9. Landon Cecil

    Frustrating to build, but what else should I have expected. Workes and looks exactly as advertisement. 👍

  10. Armin

    This kit is an example of a company forgetting why it sells precision model kits plus the fact that the design suffers from certain flaws.

    1. In the manual it says do not cement the upper shell so it can be opened to access the gearbox. That’s just insane, because the shell has slight bend and do not stay in place firm, it should be cemented. so how someone accesses the gearbox? I cut a hatch at the bottom, basically I had to do extra work of cutting a hatch (which is not easy) just to compensate for Tamiya’s design flop.

    2. There is absolutely no interior detain, NONE! By adding that dam engine to the kit, Tamiya made life easy for itself and offered a low grade flimsy kit.

    3. Turret and their shell are very tight, there is absolutely no room for at least 3 layers of lacquer paint which is necessary to properly weather and battle damage a tank. What happens is that you paint and weather the turret separately and then you install it on shel to just ruin all your efforst buy tight contact. Unbelievable flop!

    4. There should be right and left turrets. What’s the different? The difference is in the gunner’s view slot. on the supplied turrets, view slots are on the same side of barrel exit which mean they belong to the same side, I don’t know if they are right or left, if they are left, we have 2 lefts, if they are right, we have 2 rights… again an unbelievable flop!

    5. My kit came with wrong number of gears. instead of 4-2 I received 5-1 which means my tank has 1 gear short so not both tracks are running because I am one gear short. only one track runs, tank moved around itself!!! If I really wanted this thing to run (which I did not), It would be huge disappointment.

    6. Many of these tanks were captured and reused by Germans. TAKOM’s kit came with German Cross decals but Tamiya’s kit came only with British markings, another flop.

    Overall an awful kit, I should have gone for TAKOM, TAKOM kit deterred me because of tracks, I taught it was too much work compare to ready to assemble Tamiya tracks, If you had no option, you had to buy Tamiya but as a person who bought this piece of junk I urge you to go for the TAKOM kit.

  11. WJBS

    Good detailing, but chosen specifically for motorized feature.
    Extra bonus was inclusion of 5 English soldiers in the export version of this model pack.
    Intended to be part of a diorama with separate purchase of German troops and trench system, plus scratch build battlefield scene/trenches as viewed at Bovingdon tank museum

  12. M. Ghjkltyui

    A lovely kit! Like most Tamiya kits, fit and molding are spot on and the way the tracks are assembled is a breeze compared to most everything else. Some may be dismayed by the motorization, remembering old Tamiya kits that were motorized where detail is sacrificed for a novelty feature, but this is far from a toy. Considering the nature of the vehicle, any internal detailing would be moot when it is all closed up, but the motorization excites those that see it, kids and non-model kit building adults alike, a real conversation starter! A non-motor option might be nice for those purists and those looking to save a few bucks, but I think I’d choose the motorized one even with the option.

    The export version comes with some British infantry, also available as a separate set but a nice addition to any display. I do hope that Tamiya will do a Female and perhaps a hermaphrodite variation of the MkIV, or even a (possibly motorized) A7V in the future!

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