TAMIYA Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa Street 98 Model Motorcycle, 300014090, 1:12 Scale

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  • Tam, Szczegółowy zestaw modelarski w skali 1:12
  • Wysokiej jakości zestaw do montażu firmy TAMIYA musi zostać zamontowany we własnym rejonie.
  • Do samodzielnego montażu dołączony jest instrukcja montażu (może nie być dostępna w języku polskim). Instrukcja montażu wchodzi oczywiście w zakres dostawy.
  • Na podstawie instrukcji montażu należy połączyć dokładnie dopasowane elementy. Lakierowanie części można przeprowadzić według własnych upodobań.
  • Narzędzia, klej i farby nie wchodzą w zakres dostawy. Należy je nabyć opcjonalnie., Detaillierter Modellbausatz im Maßstab 1:12

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Additional information





Release date

July 25, 2013

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item model number


Product Dimensions

7.01 x 7.95 x 2.36 inches



Number of Pieces





178mm length

Item Weight

3.52 ounces

Included Components

Instruction Manual



Item Dimensions LxWxH

7.01 x 7.95 x 2.36 inches





13 reviews for TAMIYA Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa Street 98 Model Motorcycle, 300014090, 1:12 Scale

  1. JRiceJr

    came in pieces to be put together and no colors, no paint, no jack squat! just grey ugly color. why didnt they write that down what is being sold. inthought its gonna be nice blue bike but instead i got ugly grey assembly parts. what the hack!?

  2. Bob

    Exactly what we ordered.

  3. Giuseppe Russo

    What did you expect! It’s Tamiya!

  4. Pat C

    This product is extremely detailed. Exactly what I expected.

  5. GN Douglas

    Great model kit. Fairly straightforward build. All the parts are clean and the fit and function is great throughout. Good details but not too fussy. Altogether a really nice kit and a lot of fun to build.

  6. Manuel Cuevas

    The fuel tank is molded in one piece and the fairing is molded in one piece. Great Kit, really detailed.

  7. Ken O’Neill

    Another great Tamiya kit with a distinctive colour scheme. (Paint and glue not included)
    It has to be painted as although the plastics are coloured they are not the correct colours and suffer from having flow patterns from the moulding process on them. Some plated parts (frame and exhausts) that need care in removing and some metal stickers used for the front forks that need care.
    I had a few issue that may help if you build this:
    The seat cowl is a very tight fit and needs to be eased over the rear sub frame.
    The front cowl and side cowls are a pain to fit correctly I had to remove the front cowl and fit it last after the side cowls, which is different to the the instructions, lucky I hadn’t glued it too much and could ease it off.
    Not many decals the paint scheme is achieved with masks that are easy to apply, make sure the paint is completely dry before adding them, I didn’t the first time and had to repaint parts were the mask adhesive had reacted with the paint.
    If you have a small drill and patience drilling out the brake discs adds to the model a lot.
    A highly detailed engine rounds off a great model, for any bike fan or model maker. Build wise it is not too difficult to assemble especially if you have done bikes before but it does need time and care to build well. I enjoyed it.

  8. Andy

    Lovely model by tamiya great service from company

  9. Thrud Fan

    perfect fit and had no issues, very impressed

  10. Amazon Customer

    Well, there’s the usual thing about Tamiya never moulding the backs of the brake calipers (they’re not very visible but even so…). More to the point and less common, are the following:-
    1) One of the radiator lines is supposed to be located but not cemented to the back of the engine block until you add the radiator several stages later. I’ve had it fall out of the locating hole, and sometimes right out of the back of the engine. It is just about possible to slip it back in round the frame but it’s awkward and could do better.
    2) The front mudguard is 2 half-mouldings, but the split line is very visible along the whole peak. Since the fairings over the fork legs are separate on the real bike, surely this could have been done as 3 parts with helpfully placed joints rather than stick 2 together, clean the seam, and then try and figure out how to support the part for painting?
    3) The rear fairing has the same split moulding and support for painting issues. Here the seat buck could have been a separate part and made the seam shorter, and the part easier to support.

    You do get lots of details I’ve never seen even Tamiya do before though, like a full set of maintenance stickers, even for stuff that will not be visible after the fairing goes on, and chrome stickers for the back of the tail light and for the fork sliders. Also, this kit provides colour information for the 2002 schemes, but add fairing decals for every factory scheme back to 1998.

  11. Ariel J.

    Nothing like what it shows I’m picture. It came in plastic pieces to set up. Waste of money

  12. Thrud Fan

    For the price the detailing is very good and the parts fit perfectly, instructions easy to follow and so are the painting instructions, still not complete yet but overall a great model by Tamiya. Would definitely recommend.

  13. GN Douglas

    El modelo

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