The Army Painter Paint Set – Miniature Painting Kit with 100 Rustproof Mixing Balls & 60 Nontoxic Acrylic Paints for Wargamers Hobby Model Paints…

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  • THE ESSENTIAL WARPAINT STARTER SET: This premium starter paint set includes 60 total warpaints: 43 acrylics, 7 washes, 5 metallics, 4 effects. Also includes 100 paint mixing balls.
  • SPEND LESS TIME SHAKING AND MORE TIME PAINTING: While other paint sets require extensive shaking, our rust-free mixing balls allow you to stir up pigments that settle at the bottom to get perfect consistency in less time and with less work.
  • HIGHLY PIGMENTED PAINTS: Featuring non-toxic warpaints with heavy pigments for optimal coverage, allowing you to paint with fewer layers for a quicker paint application.
  • PREMIUM DROPPER BOTTLES: All warpaints come in 18ml dropper bottles to limit the air flow and preserve paints for the long haul, perfect for both wet palettes and airbrushing.
  • WE BELIEVE IN PROVIDING PEACE OF MIND – You can worry less about thin or leaky paint focus more on playing Warhammer 40k or Dungeons and Dragons. This mini paint set is perfect for reaper miniatures, battletech miniature, nolzur’s marvelous miniatures, and other unpainted miniatures.

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‎The Army Painter

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‎Paint Set with Mixing Balls + 10 Bonus Paints

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‎12.01 x 9.06 x 3.39 inches

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‎4.33 pounds

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‎The Army Painter

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‎Red, Metallic

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‎1 Count

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‎12 Milliliters


‎60 Piece Set

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13 reviews for The Army Painter Paint Set – Miniature Painting Kit with 100 Rustproof Mixing Balls & 60 Nontoxic Acrylic Paints for Wargamers Hobby Model Paints…

  1. Justin

    This set from The Army Painter is a great start to the hobby of mini painting and war gaming. Not sure if The Army Painter recently started adding mixing balls to all of their paint sets, but all 60 bottles in the set already had 2 mixing balls in each bottle, plus the included pack of 100 spares. My set was sealed and packaged neatly, and all paints filled, so no tampering. I definitely wish there were more vibrant colors included, but for a starter set into the hobby, I’m not complaining when I can add them as I go.

  2. Welsh Dog

    So I bought this kit a few months back, I thought this looked really good and high quality. When I got to the last layer of paints I noticed 2 of them were leaking. Leaking paint is paint that will probably end up drying inside the tube, which is really not good. So I returned it.

    A few days after, I bought this exact same kit from a shop here in my city. And boy am I glad I did so. The paint is really good, the effects and everything are what everybody that paint miniatures needs. Hands down one of the highest quality paint I ever tried. It dry pretty quickly, they are easy to mix and doesnt smell bad.

    I guess I was just unlucky with the shipping / carrier and it broke my paint tubes. The product is definitely worth it, and I highly recommend it ! When I run out of paint, I’ll buy more for sure.

  3. C. M.

    Good range of colours. The mixing balls make mixing the paint easier. Make sure to read the instructions for 1st use.

  4. Eddy R. from Costa Rica

    Can’t go wrong with this product, and the seller is amazing I’ll keep buying from them they are my favorite now. The box had some bruises but all the paint bottles are okay and I love them, already tested them and this is all you need if you have a 3D printer or you like painting minis!

  5. George

    I bought this to give me a good start for painting model miniatures and it’s exactly what I need. The only thing missing would be a palette, but to be fair it isn’t 100% necessary. The paints, and the included mixing balls, make this an ideal kit and if I knew of a friend or family intending to paint their own models I’d happily buy this for them as a gift.

  6. Matthew G.

    Great value, great paint. Great job.

  7. Elder Jim

    I’m excited to explore this huge variety of colors and increase my ability to paint miniatures in a more sophisticated way. I purchased a small kit before, and I’ve painted some miniatures, but I was limited in color choices. This new assortment significantly expands my options, and I was happily surprised to learn that only 6 of the 60 colors duplicated the basic ones I already had. The only small disappointment so far has been that the package had some rough handling on the way from Denmark to Amazon and then to me. The plastic matrix that supports the paint bottles was crushed in places. However, the dropper bottles the paints come in are very sturdy, and none appear to have any damage. Can’t wait to get some on my wet pallet and start painting!

  8. S. House

    Stop! Before painting minis, make sure you have an army. Painting a single mini is a waste of paint, and a set like this is great for painting the Army!

  9. Gavin barnard

    Product is of high quality which is easy to use and of high quality. Good for beginners and advanced collectors.

  10. Adam

    I purchased these paints to add some color to the miniatures for my weekly D&D games. The overwhelming majority of the paints have been very friendly to use- the mixing balls included really make it easy to agitate the paint after a bottle has sat for awhile. There’s a great variety of colors included, and the color saturation is lovely even when thinned.

    Most of the paints are a bit too thick to use straight from the bottle in most cases, but that’s easily remedied by adding a little thinner medium or even just water.

    I’ve only had 3 problem colors out of this box-

    my Desert Yellow bottle seems to have a bit of trouble sealing completely, which has led to clogs on the nozzle I have to clear with a paperclip before using.

    Pixie Pink has a strange lumpy texture that no amount of shaking will eliminate, though once on the palette, it’s easy to stir to smooth consistency with a brush.

    Orc Blood refuses to mix inside the bottle. I’ve placed 2 of the mixing balls inside the bottle, and no matter how much I shake it, the paint always comes out swirled with various levels of pigmentation. The texture is smooth unlike Pixie Pink though, and you can stir the paint once it’s out of the bottle to homogenize it.

    Other than the above 3 paints, everything else in this set has been quite lovely. I wish there were more varied browns and reds included, but those additional colors are easy enough to pick up later. One final note- these paints do trend more towards gloss rather than matte finish, so if that’s not what you’re looking for, you may want to pick up some matte varnish rattlecans to kill some of the shine and add a little protection to your paint jobs once finished.

  11. Leon

    Good paint just had some paints with ball bearings in them. Was confused maybe used so beware this seller. But mind you paint seems fine to me so not to big of a deal

  12. S. House

    The paints are quite colorful…. I know this because both my desk and myself are covered in most of the included shades and colors. I in good conscience cannot blame the paints or Army Painter for this. They did send a small card I found between the pages inside the painting guide that comes with the set. I did not see the card. The card warns to shake BEFORE opening…. This I did not do, because my set came with mixing balls. So upon opening the box I wanted to add the balls straight away…

    Well… If you do not mix the bottles FIRST, upon first opening your bottles will become glorious volcanoes of oozing very thick paint (yeah, it wasn’t mixed yet, so… It was the thick pigment that oozed out).. So be warned!! SHAKE THE BOTTLES FIRST before opening. The first indication of having a bath, is a bubbling/pressure sound. The metallics seemed to be the worst and had the most pressure. I probably lost several models worth of each of them… That all said… The mixing balls are in, I and the desk are all cleaned up…. I am, so far, happy with the paints and lesson learned!! I would recommend these and will continue to buy in the future.. Just be warned!! SHAKE THE BOTTLES WELL BEFORE……… OPENING THE FIRST TIME!!

  13. christopher carrete

    great buy based on variety of colors, effects, washes, metalics, medium and varnish. mixing balls kind of a waste since all the paints came with the balls in the bottles already… ? the paint guide and other papers included were great… all boxed well in a nice box with pictures and information all over it… my only complaint is why not include 1 paint brush, even if you charged a few more bucks. ??? its like opening a new battery powered toy at midnight on Christmas Eve and you don’t have batteries… if you include just one paint brush, you have every thing you need to start painting…just a suggestion.

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