U.S. Art Supply Brush Cleaner and Restorer, 16 Ounce Bottle – Quickly Cleans Paint Brushes, Airbrushes, Art Tools – Cleaning Solution to Remove…

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  • A 16-ounce bottle of U.S. Art Supply Brush Cleaner and Restorer. A highly effective cleaning solution for restoring brushes with dried-on acrylic, oil, gouache, inks, and water-based paints.
  • This high-performance brush cleaner is also excellent for removing dried-on paint from airbrushes and all your artist tools and supplies.
  • Use this premium cleaner to keep all your art supplies clean, long-lasting, and ready for use. You will no longer be tossing out brushes with dried-on paint, as you can quickly restore them so you can reuse them repeatedly.
  • Directions for Use: Soak brushes as necessary and remove softened residue with a wipe, knife, or toothbrush. Cleans paint off brushes within minutes to hours for dried acrylic, oil, and water-based paint. For brushes loaded with fully dried acrylic and oil paint, soak for up to 24 hours. After cleaning brushes, wash them with mild soap and water. Reshape bristles so the brushes are ready for use.
  • For airbrush cleaning use, fill airbrush cup with cleaner and spray cleaner between color changes and immediately after each use. For dried paint in the airbrush, soak affected airbrush parts in cleaner overnight if necessary. Do not soak the whole airbrush in cleaner.

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December 9, 2021


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8 reviews for U.S. Art Supply Brush Cleaner and Restorer, 16 Ounce Bottle – Quickly Cleans Paint Brushes, Airbrushes, Art Tools – Cleaning Solution to Remove…

  1. Morrigu

    These did a decent job of cleaning my paintbrushes of oil paint after painting, but didn’t leave the brushes perfectly clean, which I wanted. And I let the brushes soak in this solution for quite a while, swished them around in it and then let sit. Definitely easy to use; I just poured a little bit in a bowl not used for anything else, and swished the brushes in the solution. Bottle is a good size, easy to open.

  2. R.V.

    I bought this because hoping that I could restore a paintbrush, that was very hard and gone top with all sorts of paint. I have tried some other paint, brush, restorers and didn’t work. This product worked really well, but I had to leave the paint brush soaking in it for about 24 hours and it remove the gunk, and the bristles were very soft. I was very surprised, but it really worked well.

  3. Janine Cote

    This brush cleaner is my favorite. I have to paint in a small space without the best ventilation. There are no chemicals that are toxic, and no odor. You don’t need much to clean your oil paint brushes, just wipe them well before cleaning. They retain their bristle shapes beautifully. I’m pleased.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I had 14 brushes I was going throw away, when I tried this 12 out of the 14 are like brand new the other 2 I had to soak twice. But it works try this before throwing brushes away.

  5. Argenis villalon

    Buen material

  6. Shermdigga

    I really liked the clean up job this stuff did. A lot more powerful than my windex solution.

  7. Carey Huguet

    I had some old art paint brushes from my mom and I was going to throw them away. After I got the brush cleaner; it revived them to almost new condition.

  8. Homespring Art

    I was disappointed in this product. Not only did it smell awful but you have to soak the brush for an extended time to clean it and sometimes let it soak overnight. It was in a handy plastic bottle and a good amount for the money.

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