360 Degree Rotation Model Painting Stand Base Holder with 20 Pack Model Painting Alligator Clip Stick for Airbrush Hobby

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  • The 360 degree rotation model painting stand base allows you to view your airbrush hobby craft DIY painting from all directions and angles.
  • Our model holder for painting is made of plastic, but it is twice as heavy as others, ensuring that it will not tip over even when subjected to airbrush airflow.
  • The model painting alligator clip sticks come with rubber tips, which will prevent damage to the items being clamped.
  • The clamp is securely attached to the iron rod and wrapped tightly for a secure connection, ensuring that it will not fall off.
  • Package Includes:1 Piece miniature holder for painting,20 pieces hobby alligator clip sticks(with rubber tips).The clip base stand holder has a diameter of 7.5″ and a height of 1.2″. The alligator clip length is approximately 7.5″, and the clamp length is 1.2″.

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Product Dimensions

7.5 x 7.5 x 1.2 inches

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14.2 ounces

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13 reviews for 360 Degree Rotation Model Painting Stand Base Holder with 20 Pack Model Painting Alligator Clip Stick for Airbrush Hobby

  1. Miguel F.

    toda una gamma de soluciones para pintar con mi aerografo mis small parts definitivamente muy feliz y entusiasmado por mi compra

  2. John

    First of all, the bottom of the rotating base is not high enough which causes it to drag along the surface that it is sitting on. Rubber cabinet door stoppers would have to be glued on the bottom of the main base to give it some height and keep it from sliding when rotating the upper part. Second of all, the metal rods attached to the clips wiggle when inserted into the base holes. Not a real firm hold when trying to paint delicate small model parts. Seriously thinking about returning this item.

  3. Maribeth Joyce

    This carousel was key to mass produce HO scale signal heads out of fine brass parts. It also is of great assistance when airbrushing a number of small parts such as signal heads and assemblies.

  4. stanfield270

    Quality clips, strong enough to hold the items I want to the clips to hold i.e. modeling part to be painted.

  5. Daniel Rodriguez

    I like this because I can spin my model pieces while painting, and the alligator clamps have good tension as well as protective pads. The only thing I don’t like is that they didn’t sell this with the rubber feet included. Without the rubber feet, the entire assembly wants to turn. It’s an easy enough fix, it just would’ve been nice if I didn’t have to.

  6. Jasmine

    Honestly I Bought This To Hold Tiny Things While I Paint Them, But It Is So Unstable, I can use this to hold things while they dry, but I do not recommend trying to use this to hold things during the painting process, it is way to unstable.

  7. Tito N

    Item works as described and is of good quality. Alligator clip holders are very useful for holding smaller items. The rotating base is quite large and suitable for bigger items and rotates smoothly. Holder rods are strong and sturdy! Good buy.

  8. Kyle Apsey

    The alligator clip sticks are too small for the holes, making the stand almost completely useless unless you modify them or take special care to use more than on and set them in such a way that the object you’re holding to paint is forcing the sticks away from each other. I’m going to just affix foam to the base so that I can firmly mount the alligator clip sticks into something and use the spinning table.

  9. Giovanni R.

    If you need to hold models to paint them with an airbrush. You definitely should get this item

  10. David

    Been using to paint miniatures and for the most part works amazing

  11. Dean B

    This is fundamentally unusable as a support for painting, the wired clips are loose in the base and constantly move and turn with the lightest of touches.

    How this got the ratings it did are a total mystery

  12. Tito N

    Fairly inexpensive turntable. It’s not bad for the price, but does fall short in some areas against some competitors. It really depends on what matters most to you though and what you’re painting. Saying this, it is hard to write a pros and cons since some pros can be cons depending on what exactly you’ll be painting.

    My experience with the product: Out of the box, the table runs fairly easily. Plastic construction but solid enough. The bottom plate that sits between the table and turntable fell off before I got to use it. That was easily fixed with better glue though. This bottom disc is a hard plastic and doesn’t grip onto a surface well. Often it will rotate/move instead of the turntable top that is actually suppose to rotate.

    The wires holding the alligator clips are stiff. You cannot bend these (unless with extreme force, and unlikely to get them straight again). I personally like the fact they are stiff for what I am painting. These wires/spines are coated in a soft plastic, similar to the coat the alligator clips have, which is great. Unfortunately the spine is a bit loose when placed in the slots, located on top of the turntable. So depending on what you’re painting, the air pressure can cause your piece to spin in place and twirl around, which isn’t ideal. Sticky tack or even a layer of tape at the bottom of the spin helps create a more flush/tight fitment and prevents the unwanted movement.

    The alligator clips are also pretty tough and have a tight grip. For my use, I have a holder for each piece I paint, so I prefer the tight grip. However, if the alligator clips are holding your painted piece directly, this may leave marks in your freshly painted part. But I think this is typical and expected. I would much rather the tight grip for my intended use.

    Personally, I think its worth the buy. I got it at $29.99 CAD, and at that price I think it’s well balanced. I’ve owned 4 other turntables, some higher priced, some lower. This one is a good medium with features I wished my more expensive turntable had. Would buy again. Hopefully they make these slight improvements in the future.

  13. JD

    Es súper practico que venga con las varitas para sostener lo que se quiere pintar, especialmente para piezas pequeñas y muy cómodo para dejarlos secarse en el mismo lugar

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