Vallejo Wood and Leather Paint Set Paint Set

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  • Each bottle contains an eyedropper device which keeps paint from drying
  • Includes a step by step by Angel Geraldez
  • Model color is presented in plastic bottles of 17ml

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MMD Holdings, LLC

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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6.7 ounces

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8 x 4.25 x 1 inches

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Wood & Leather Paint Set (8) 17ml

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30, 1.5

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4.56 Fl Oz

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17 Milliliters


0.57 Fl Oz (Pack of 8)

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November 24, 2014

13 reviews for Vallejo Wood and Leather Paint Set Paint Set

  1. Anthony Horabin

    Most people know that Vallejo makes some of the best miniature paints available, it’s by far my favorite line. I’ve always had problems with brown recipes for my minis and never could find a combination that made me happy. After trying out their NMM set like this I figured this would be crucial to improving my leather and wood paintjobs.

    All in all this set is awesome. In the NMM set they have essentially two recipes, in this they have several. They show you how to get different types of wood grain colors in one example (the shield), showing you that you can mix and match or just use one recipe for all your wood. On top of that they show you several leather recipes that are extremely versatile, and although they show you a weathered look you can adapt it to your style – I’ve made my recent attempts more smooth. The red leather recipe is my favorite and I’ve been getting a lot of mileage out of it.

    Much like the NMM set they released the instructions are somewhat vague, although I think they do a much better job in this set. Much like my recommendation in the NMM set I highly suggest getting Vallejo Glaze medium and Thinner Medium, for making glazes, washes and using an airbrush if you have one. They heavily use washing techniques in this set and the others, and just watering it down doesn’t have the same quality or consistency. Washing with the Woodgrain color is amazing.

    This set has definitely helped improve me game with brown…

  2. M. Slater

    Les petits pots de peintures acryliques sont livrés dans une boite en carton à l’effigie de ce que vous avez commandé comme couleurs (peintures vives spécial jeu ou spécial pour enluminures)… et dans ce carton ils sont rangé dans une barquette en plastique. J’ai acheté la plus part des couleurs de cette Marque Vallejo et je peux dire que je n’ai jamais été déçue. Vous pouvez vous servir des peintures pour peindre vos maquettes, figurines, soldats de plomb… personnellement je m’en sert pour faire des enluminures. Cette peinture sert également à peindre avec un aérographe modélisme. La qualité des couleurs est bien respectée, la qualité elle-même de la peinture est excellente et sèche vite et ne coule pas.

  3. M. Slater

    A handy set for the beginner to learn how to paint wood and leather on model figures. comes with a step by step guide to.

  4. SubParNinja

    Now my leather bits are the best looking parts on my mini! hahaha.

  5. SubParNinja

    great variety of wood and leather paints!

  6. Charles DeVito

    Product is fine, I’ve never had an issue with Vallejo paints so far.
    Even when the product comes ripped open prior to shipping.

  7. Amazon Customer

    The colors are Vallejo good. The instructions worked for these colors but also gave me ideas when I use other colors.

  8. mcp kirk

    good quality paint

  9. Roger D. Whitley

    Arrived on time and brilliant product , thank you

  10. VictorSan7w7r

    la pintura me encanto trae su tutorial para pintar madera

  11. Trioxin245

    I love this set. I use these paint in some combination on almost every project.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Trust me when I say I am not good at stuff like this. My friend printed this mug on a 3d printer in brown and asked if I could paint it for him. I just recently started painting some of the items he prints just for fun, exploring a new possible hobby. I bought this paint set and I have to say I am impressed. They include step by step instructions on how to achieve the look of wood or leather. I followed them to the letter and you see the results. I’m sure if you were more experienced it would come out even better, but for a newbie, this was so easy. I would definitely recommend this set. Pics show the mug primed, painted, then final poly coat shine. (primer and poly shine not included)

  13. Demon

    Not long ago I purchased one of Vallejo’s other boxed sets, their Old & New Wood Effects, and was impressed enough with the written materials on technique that were included that I’ve since bought a few of their other sets. The paints of course are of the usual quality associated with Vallejo, and the price point on these sets is very reasonable for the amount of paint you get. But what really makes these worthwhile are the written technique instructions. Combined with the set paints that are specifically chosen to work together in reproducing those techniques, you get a significant tool for your painting arsenal.

    Is there anything here you couldn’t find online? No, not really. But the convenience of having everything you need for these effects in one place, at one reasonable cost, with written instructions and photographic references using the paints themselves, is quite worthwhile.

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