Wargames Delivered Warlord Games Bolt Action Miniatures – Band of Brothers Starter Set- English Language Action Figures 28mm WWII Miniature Models…

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  • DOMINATE THE BATTLEFIELD: Allows you to Take control of Elite American Paratroopers and catch Germany on the back Foot, Landing deep in German Held Territory! You can reenact your favorite battles
  • HISTORY MEETS STRATEGY: As World War 2 Rages on the Armies of Germany and America Clash! This Starter Set created by Warlord Games Is a Great stepping stone into The Bolt Action Minature Game.
  • A complete starter set that includes 24 New Plastic US Airborne, 12 Plastic German Grenadiers, Plastic SdKfz 251/10 AusfD. 3.7cm PaK half track, Plastic Ruined Farmhouse, A5 Softback Bolt Action 2 Rules Book, Quick Start Guide, Quick Reference Sheet, 12 Plastic Pin Markers, Plastic Templates and Tokens, Construction Diagrams, 10 Six Sided Dice, and 10 Order Dice
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR YOUR FIRST GAME: In this set you will receive all of the items necessary to play your first game of Bolt Action. Book guides, models, dice, terrain and templates are all thoughtfully included to cater towards new or returning wargamers.
  • INCLUDES PHYSICAL AND DIGITAL RULEBOOKS: This set not only comes with the 2nd edition core rulebook, but also digital copies of the U.S. Armies and German armies rulebooks so that you can plan out your forces on the go as well as on the battlefield!

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11.81 x 9.06 x 3.54 inches

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5 reviews for Wargames Delivered Warlord Games Bolt Action Miniatures – Band of Brothers Starter Set- English Language Action Figures 28mm WWII Miniature Models…

  1. Kyle

    I really like the paratroopers detail and the German machine gunners detail. They have ammo cans, spare barrel, ready belts over their shoulders and are super customizable. I’m a big history buff and a vet so I enjoy building accurate and detailed load outs for my squads. Overall super fun and easy to build, I have two sets!

  2. John Davis

    Full disclaimer: I’m new to tabletop gaming AND models. The product came well-packaged and was full of Bolt Action goodies, which is great. The downside is the time it took me to build the first few soldiers/models. Everything was well explained, but even at 28mm some of the items (arms, weapons, etc.) are very hard to glue on without falling back off. Using Locktite and I’m sure there is a better glue out there, but working with such small pieces is discouraging.
    As someone new to models I really wish that, at this scale, these plastic soldiers came in one, assembled piece ready to paint. Maybe they do, I’m not sure. This box is a great deal for anyone familiar with models but if you are just starting out in the world of models…my first soldier was a 40 minute job.

  3. Luis F Payan

    Excelente producto para iniciar en el juego

  4. Bean

    The only reason I bought this is because it says you get the Rulebook, The German book, and the U.S. book, this only has the main Rulebook. Pretty shady business practices, I am not impressed, either send all the items shown/described or don’t show/describe them. Business 101.

  5. Kindle Customer

    Bought this for my brother who is serving in a federal military bareack. The parts were all there and plastic. His friends are excited about the game play.

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