Woodland Scenics Diorama Kit, Mountain

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  • Made in USA and Imported
  • This kit is great for making hill, mounds, cliffs, volcanos, and other land contours.
  • Great for school projects!
  • Ages 7 and up. Adult supervision recommended with younger children.
  • Made in USA

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Woodland Scenics

Product Dimensions

9.5 x 3 x 11 inches

Batteries required


Assembly required


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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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By The Yard

Item Weight

2.04 pounds

Included Components

2 Side Panels Shrubs – 7.2 in3 (118 cm3) Foliage Fiber – 36 in2 (232 cm2) 1 Rock Mold Casting Plaster – 4.8 oz (136 g) Green Grass – 7.21 in3 (118 cm3) Evergreen Accent – 3.6 in3 (58.9 cm3) Forest Green Accent – 1.8 in3 (29.4 cm3) Talus – 3.6 in3 (58.9 cm3) 3 Rock Colors – 0.135 fl oz (3.99 mL) each 1 Foam Brush Project Glue – 1 fl oz (29.5 mL) Earth Undercoat – 0.34 fl oz (10 mL) Plaster Cloth – 8 in x 11 ft, 7 ft2 (20.3 cm x 3.35 m, 65 dm2) 1 Stir Stick 1 Volcano Tube 1 Spray Bottle 1 Plastic Cup with Sifter Lid 1 Mixing Tray Instructions

Item Dimensions LxWxH

9.5 x 3 x 11 inches


Science Fiction




Made in USA and Imported

13 reviews for Woodland Scenics Diorama Kit, Mountain

  1. Avid reader

    These kits are really great places top start if you are interested in making terrain for wargaming or fantasy games using miniatures, railroad landscape &terrain or for dioramas. Each box is a “stand-alone” project, but I bought a number of these to get comfortable with concepts and to identify the materials I would need for larger scale terrain construction for wargaming. I built a practice river, to get the hang of it, then used the mountain-making kit to wrap my arms around building “shells” out of plaster cloth (mountains or hills), modeling rocks or outcroppings in those hills and adding water features (I now have a ten-foot mudular river in five 2′ X 2′ sections so I can change them around). I am not done, and have bought many of the products Woodland Scenics makes so I can keep making two-foot square modules to use on a “battlefield.” I learned the techniques from the scene-a-rama kits. They teach you anything you need to use: Water features, hills, outcroppings, making & coloring rocks, detailing terrain with grasses or “flockings,” trees and everything about them, bushes, undergrowth, vines and more.

    You will not stop with these kits unless you are doing a “one-off” school project. They are perfect for those, but it strikes me as such a pity to develop a skill and use it just once. I wish I had kids just to build stuff with regularly. If you do, my one parting piece of advice is to be aware that everything seems to have a drying time. From working with plaster cloth, to rock-making, to making rivers and ponds or painting under-coating, cementing grass in place or making trees, everything requires time to dry. If a child will be involved, line up three or four aspects of a project to take use of the full time dedicated to this. Actually, that’s true if another adult is going to be involved in helping or working with you just for the joy of creation.

    I tried almost all of the kits Woodland Scenics makes and I recommend them all. They will teach you skills that will let you build a miniature world for toy soldiers, model trains or fantasy figures … or any number of dioramas or school projects.

    Oh, I almost forgot. Their mountain dioramas can all be used to make volcanoes, for those looking to replicate that timeless school science project. Their website has instructions on how to build it and make it work.

  2. TWB1

    Great purchase, it looked amazing and my son got an A on his project.

  3. Devin & Alyssa

    Great product that my son loved making. It gives you the opportunity to be creative and do whatever design you want

  4. Devin & Alyssa

    Great kit for school projects. The only down side of this product is that the plaster cloth was to dry and so didn’t mix with the water very well, not sticking to anything. This was quickly fixed by soaking each strip in water for a good 5 minutes before use and adding extra water as it was smoothed down.
    All in all a great product. Would recommend

  5. Avid reader

    There are very clear directions, and what is provided is shown in the directions insert, as well as each bag is labeled or otherwise obvious. There is no base, nor anything to make water courses or ponds. For a base I used a piece of Masonite, and after everything is dried, that isn’t needed. Directions are in multiple languages, and each step is clear. The first picture is the directions sheet. I made the diorama smaller than I could due to space constraints. I cut the heavy cardboard to give what I wanted in the way of a hillside, and the second picture shows wadded newspaper to make the contours as per instructions. Masking tape is not provided. The third picture is after the plaster covering was placed over the newspaper. I cut the plaster gauze in strips, and didn’t lose much plaster, nor did it set up too quickly. But the directions for using one’s fingers to smooth the plaster into the holes was not all that successful. It might be best to have extra plaster to use as sort of a wash to fill in holes. Making the plaster rocks was easy although they did set up quickly. After they had dried, I ground the backs to better fit into the contours of the hill that I had made and glued them in place. Then it was all a matter of painting and shaking the grass onto the hills. The last picture shows the final result. I have since trimmed the cardboard base to allow it to set lower to the surface where it is. The project is relatively easy to do but one wants to proceed step wise and plan in advance what one wants to do.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Awesome kit, fun to build with my daughter, only complaint is that it comes with just enough plaster to make 1 and a 3rd rock moulds, a bit more plaster would have been helpful

  7. Ryan

    Good value but I didn’t really meet the standards I had hoped for when creating a diorama. This gives the “grade school diorama” feel.

  8. Rackle

    Perfect for getting started. The plaster mixing tray provided is a little difficult to use. Otherwise its the perfect amount of supplies to make a medium to a couple small dioramas.

  9. Lucii

    Good kit, glad I got it in the sale and not paid the full price. very misleading as does not include the base, only visible in small writing in the corner of the box which can not be seen clearly in the advert

  10. Amazon Customer

    I loved that this kit came with everything that we needed for designing and creating the landscape we envisioned for my sons school project, including the paper mache and castings. The only thing that was missing was a hard copy of the instructions in the kit. We had to scan the QR code and go online to find the kit and then print out the instructions. I felt like that would have been a big inconvenience for someone without the capability to print off the instructions themselves and it is advertised that the instructions are included in the kit. I liked that we didn’t have to follow a specific outline or grid for the landscape, so we had the freedom to mark out what we wanted it to look like and the placement of everything so that made it very versatile. It came with an abundance of materials we didn’t use but half (if even that) of the materials provided so we were able to save everything for a future project.

  11. Peter Beutel

    Pros: realistic appearance, provides several grass to choose from, creative design and allows for custom design, decent instructions (but make sure to read all the way through first rather than follow step by step), and very sturdy

    Cons: time consuming, messy, you will need to make your own enclosed base (we used cardboard), and you will need to get your own newspaper. I thought it would have came with everything it needed, but it does not.

    Tips: while placing the strips of plaster over the newspaper, make sure to zoom the out all the holes (so the mountain will have a smooth texture) because the plaster dries fast and you can see the holes even covered with paint. Use enough water for the paint so that it runs down the mountain, that will create a more realistic color. I also included a picture of the instructions so that you can see the required time needed for this project.

  12. Rackle

    The instructions was helpful I still had to go to YouTube for more of a visual but the project came together

  13. Lucii

    You don’t need to buy this if you’re an experienced builder but if you’re just starting this is a great kit. Also check out their YouTube channel… your kids will love you for it!

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