WetNDri Paint Tray Pallet for Painting. Stay Wet Palette for Acrylic Miniature Painting Kit. 50pc Pallet Paper 2 Sponge Warhammer 40K Model Paint…

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  • Palette for acrylic paints keeps paint wet. Wet palette for miniatures keeps paint from drying out during painting. Paint pallet with lid saves leftover paint instead of disposable paint palette.
  • Paint palettes for all media. 2-in-1 combo paint tray pallet can be used as paint palette for acrylic painting, oil paints or watercolor palette. Perfect for citadel paint set, vallejo paint, model paints for plastic models tamiya kits, dnd minatures
  • Unique multiuse XL triple paint tray palette. Painting palette for artists, or wet pallete with 2 sponges & palette paper. Covered plastic paint mixing painters palette tray keeps paint blends wet with consistent values using gasket & elastic band.
  • Paint organizer & paint holder. Paint tray large enough to hold miniature paint brushes acting like a brush storage holder. Gray sponge stains less plus gives true paint mixing palette tones unlike white sponges. Pallet Size is 8.6 x 6.2 x 1.5 inch
  • Stylish design mini paint palette – Low profile design for easy brush access to paint longer. 18 wells for paint, metallic, ink or as palette cups. This acrylic paint palette will make any artist needing art supplies or warhammer 40K fans happy.
  • Unlike other brands with tiny wells or requires you to spend extra on accessories, the WetnDri has sloping wells built in so it can also be used as a watercolor paint palette for watercolor paints.
  • We do not charge for additional miniature painting accessories but instead offer a complimentary brush rest stand for you to keep your brush tips sharp and not roll off the table.
  • The most versatile wet pallet for acrylic painting in the market in a nifty all in one combo. Our palette is designed for buyers keen on value. Read Bourbonic Hobbies for a full review.
  • Great gifts for Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is coming. Are you still looking for a gift for your mom or dad? Our premium paint palette is a great choice for you now! The painting tools are beautifully presented in a giftable package for your parents or grandparents. There is no double that they will be very satisfied with their painting set gift if you choose our Miniature Painting Kit as Mothers Day gift or Fathers Day gift.

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1.28 pounds

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8.6"L x 6.2"W


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March 13, 2022

10 reviews for WetNDri Paint Tray Pallet for Painting. Stay Wet Palette for Acrylic Miniature Painting Kit. 50pc Pallet Paper 2 Sponge Warhammer 40K Model Paint…

  1. Tiffany

    Overall I really enjoy this wet palette. My only issues are that the layers aren’t swappable… you cant put the brushes under the paints, when you take it apart to do work, the lid just gets in the way since it doesn’t snap in to any of the other layers. The lid can be a little tricky opening too. If you slip and knock the palette around and have wet paint in the bottom, your paints could run, seep into the corners and get into the sponge.
    Positives are the tray with space for my brushes (keeps everything together nicely!). The plastic is easy to clean. And the sponge and wax papers work wonderfully. It holds together pretty well without the need of the strap

    If I could make any changes, I’d make the kit more modular… able to swap layers and snap the lid into the bottom of any layer so it’s tucked out of the way. And I’d trade some of the trays for paint for more space for brushes and tools.

  2. Luis R. ヅ

    Me decepcionaron los materiales con los que esta fabricada, yo pense que seria como un plastico de goma y tacto suave, pero no, es plastico duro made in China. Pareciera como que ni siquiera sella hermeticamente, pero la verdad es que si te fijas en el fondo tiene un pequeño empaque que le ayuda solo si tiene la liga puesta.

    La charola intermedia se puede usar como dry palette pero no lo haría con cualquier tipo de pinturas, mejor usar un godete ceramico. La parte porta pinceles pense que seria mas práctica pero como la tapa no va a ras del compartimento, si la giras un poco los pinceles se iran por todos lados. En resumen creo que seria mejor solo como comparrimento para guardar el papel de repuesto.

    No veo factible cotidianamente usar la tapa como otra paleta humeda ya que al guardar quedaría al revés, quizas solo para un proyecto grande o para prestarla a un amigo en una ocasion particular.

    No hay forma de aplilar la charola abierta, lo cual considero grave ya que se vuelve problematico su uso,entonces todo lo que trae da una falsa imagen de practicidad pero no es asi, si fuera apilable entre si con un mejor sello sería muchi mejor paleta.

    Las esponjas son de un material y color excelente, sin embargo vienen demasiado pequeñas, al mojarlas si se expanden un poquito pero aun asi no llenan la paleta por completo, quedan espacios que no cubren a su alrededor.

    La parte que si se reconoce y hay que destacar es el papel con el que viene, realmente considero que es un buen papel, no se enrolla y permite extenderlo sin dejar burbujas, el único problema seran los repuestos ya que amazon mx no tiene actualmente y el paquete de repuesto te “vende” otras dos esponjas y 25 hojas por lo que no veo tan factible estarlo comprando a futuro.

    Creo que si la hubiera podido haber visto antes la hubiera devuelto, sin embargo al abrir la caja viene con muchas notas de que una ves abras la caja pierde toda garantia. Asi que por el precio de 750 en estos momentos se me hace un robo.

  3. mari

    This pallet is so easy to take along. Small but not too small and not to big. My only complaint is the top is hard to open and if you leave it on its side it tends to seep out. I’m enjoying it much more than I thought I would.

  4. Elijah Ravenscroft

    I love this palette. It’s absolutely amazing, and I won’t paint without it. It’s easy to use, it holds moisture very, very well, and the dry palette is a really handy feature.

    The reasons this doesn’t get the full 5 are:
    * The dry palette is hard to clean.
    * The top wet palette can’t actually keep your paint past one session (bc gravity).
    * The bottom palette starts to smell rough if you leave it closed for more than a couple of hours.

    The first one is kind of a problem; I thought it was sturdy enough to chuck into the dishwasher after my session (top rack!), and while the dry palette survived it didn’t actually get clean. I’m going to have to go in and manually scrub the thing with some heavier cleaners than I currently have, or let it soak a while in isopropyl.

    The second one is a bummer, because one of the main reasons I bought this specific palette was that my wife and I were talking about starting painting at the same time, and we figured this would be a really cool way to manage it. However, because of the way the thing works, only one of us gets to save our colors til the next session. Perhaps the engineering dept. can work on some way to resolve that issue that won’t destroy the other convenient features of the palette. (Also, mine came with sponges that never wound up being the same size. Weird, but doesn’t negatively affect performance in any way at all.)

    The third could easily be solved with some kind of tiny, pinprick airhole or something, which you can do yourself as a consumer. I haven’t because I’m lazy. But yeah.

    Overall, you will not regret this palette. It has the most and best features of any I looked at, and I’m more than pleased with it. If they make any improvements to the design, I’ll be first in line to get v2.

  5. Kristina

    Edit: I reached out to the company and they are sending me a replacement. Their customer service was superb. I will be receiving the new one in the next week or so and will further admen the review after I receive and re-test it.

    I hate rating something so low that I have not even had a chance to use, but, well here we go. It arrived intact, I was very excited to start using it to paint my 3D prints. My confusion came when I tried to separate the trays. It took almost all my strength to get the top lid off, and I have yet to be able to free the actual wet pallet from the paint tray! I scoured all the written stuff that came with it, and no mention of how the heck I was supposed to open it easily. I get it is supposed to limit air so your paints don’t dry out, but if I had water in my wet pallet and had to crank and turn at it to open it, it would not only compromise my paints but make a mess! If I am missing something here please let me know, if it turns out I am just being dense I will admen this review, but as of right now, I believe I may be returning this.

  6. Luis R. ヅ

    The product is good it came early and safe. However it was a gift and the person it was for opened the door and it was sent in the box it comes in so they saw it.
    Great product but be mindful to package it properly

  7. Tyler V

    I really like this wet palette, however a few improvements could make this the best one available.
    -The dry palette section is not very easy to clean. Others have noted this as well. Should be a better material.
    -It would have been nice to have the brush holder part of the middle brush section on the dry palette. If the brush holder was built into this section, it could have raised bits on both sides keeping the brush level.
    -The top lid and bottom (two blue sections), should be compatible with one another. If you try to put the lid on the bottom without the dry palette in between the do not fit together. This really should not be an issue, I wanted to use this as a more normal size wet palette, but I can’t and have to use the middle section when closing it.
    -It’s a little difficult to open and close as the fitting is very tight. Would have loved a lock mechanism, vs a snug fit.

  8. Myron Burnett

    I paint mini figures and these help me keep my paints from drying out super fast. Its also really great to mix paints on

  9. Moose

    What a clever way to store and keep your wet, pallets, wet!

  10. Octavi

    I have had paint in there now for about 2-3 weeks.. not intentional, I just forgot about it. I had a look at it and the paint was still wet to touch, I lifted the mat and there was no mould in there yet, which was surprising. I would recommend.

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