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  • Specially STEM education kit – The 5 erector set are designed to enhance children’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills.
  • A Great Gift for 8-12 Years Old – Create unique STEM Toys for 8-12 years old boys and girls. Build and learn while playing, stimulate children’s interest and curiosity.
  • Complete all in one kit – Contains 5 set STEM projects for kids to build different kinds cars ,robot, mini generator,mini bubble machine. Novelty boy toys age 8-10 years old.
  • Easy to assemble – Includes Mini Screwdriver and detailed instructions make it much easier and convenient to assemble the models.Includes everything needed for easy snap-fit / screw-together assembly.
  • Develop practical ability and imagination:By assembling these building kits can cultivate children’s hand eye coordination ability and intellectual development, stimulate children’s imagination.

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9 reviews for 5 Set STEM Kits, STEM Projects for Kids Ages 8-12, Robotics for Kids, DC Motor Model Car Kit, Electric Building Engineering Science Experiment Kit,…

  1. lectricfrets

    At age 7 my grandson needed a lot of adult guidance to build the projects, as expected. It was an opportunity to teach some physics and electrical principles while having fun. The projects worked well.

  2. Taylor

    For $20 or whatever this costs, I suppose I can’t complain too much, but this is what you will experience if purchased:

    Subpar instructions that leave out critical details/pictures on some of the most critical parts of a project, leaving you to interpret the step as best as possible (your child will have no clue).

    Wires that are not stripped appropriately, forcing you to re-strip (barring you have such equipment). Even with multi-size wire strippers on hand, it was a difficult job due to quality of wires.

    Your kid(s) will constantly come to you throughout each project for legitimate help needed to complete. Frustration may/may no ensue.

    Like I said, for $20 or so I guess you get what you pay for. At a minimum it’s kept my daughter off electronics for a couple hours now so I’ll take that as a win.

  3. lillie mendoza

    My 4th grader had to do a project with a motor, switch and double A batteries. We did the Bubble Machine. We did the assembly together. Had so much fun putting it together. Tested it out at home first my daughters face lit up when it started and worked. Super hit in class when she took it to school. She even went to other classes and presented the machine. Of course teacher was not happy because she claims we shouldn’t have had to buy anything. Either way my daughter feels she built something and it worked and she loves it busted her confidence!!! That’s all that matters!!!

  4. A. Davis

    Let me starts with the pros:
    My seven year old loves this kit, and we had a wonderful time building the projects together!
    Everything turned out really cool and worked great once it was built. Again, my son loved every project, so it was definitely worth the money for us to have a great time together and to learn some engineering skills. 🙂
    Now for the cons:
    If you are looking for something for your child under the age of 10 to build by him or herself, this may not be for you. The tiny screws were really difficult for my son to hold, let alone use, and the directions were very lacking. Between the directions included and my prior knowledge of similar projects, I was able to figure out how to put everything together, but the instructions are definitely not detailed enough for someone who has no previous experience or doesn’t like solving puzzles.

  5. grace epstein

    My 6 year old grandson likes this very much but it is challenging for a 6 yr. old.

  6. Dana

    I think these kits are great. I’ve purchased two like kits since February. My foster 7 yo granddaughter took to them right away. It required supervision for the first 5-6 projects. Then less for the next one. The last three almost no assistance needed. Now she follows instructions really well and looks for the details for proper assembly. From setting out all the parts to putting it together. Fun to watch her gain expertise and get wicked excited with the results.

    The screws are small, very small. Get a real screwdriver with a big handle. Much easier that way. Get a hobby hammer, small needle nose pliers, and plywood sheet to work on as well to protect the able top. The axels and spindles are too hard for a 7 yo to push wheels and pulleys on. Easier to tap with a small hammer. The tiny screwdriver is useless.

    She is so proud of her accomplishments with these projects. Take the opportunity to talk in real terms like electricity flows through water like water through a pipe. A switch is like a faucet handle feeding a hose.. Etc… Explain the motion, how it works etc. some of this will sink in and some will be realized in the future.

    Have Fun

  7. Chikis

    bought for x-mas for my 9 year old son, he loved this, kept him occupied and concentrated for a long time.
    he loves projects and this was perfect.

  8. Jacob

    The colors add a great deal of interest.

  9. Catherine Roberts

    My husband spent hours over the xmas break making these with my two boys 5 and 9. Fabulous!

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