Academy Boat Model Building Kit, R.M.S. Titanic Centenary Edition

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  • 1/700th scale
  • New tooling for easy assembly and painting; High quality multi-colored injection
  • Authentic decals included
  • A display stand is included
  • Paint and glue not included

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Item Dimensions LxWxH

15.13 x 1.57 x 4.5 inches

Item Weight

1.23 pounds

Number of Pieces


Product Dimensions

15.13 x 1.57 x 4.5 inches

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Model Rectifier Corp.

Date First Available

June 24, 2012

9 reviews for Academy Boat Model Building Kit, R.M.S. Titanic Centenary Edition

  1. Melody Lawrence

    This is a really nice model of the Titanic. I really like the way the pieces are already colored. That being said, I do have a few minor complaints. One being the peices that the propellers attaches to are molded in black instead of maroon like the rest of the bottom hull. Two there is a section of deck that has the deck plank pattern but it is white instead of tan like the rest of the deck pieces. Three, the Grand Staircase Glass dome housing is done in tan instead of white. Other than the color issues I can’t complain. I really love the brass colored propellers that are included aside from the standard black molded propellers. I also like the fact that the portholes and some of the windows are open. You can install battery operated miniature led lights into it if you want to. There are openings in the deck layers for you to do so. It’s basically the same Titanic model kit that does come with LED lights, minus the lights. Assembling it is a little tricky in regards to the cranes and bollards. As well as the other smaller pieces. The only things that are missing are the support cables for the funnels and the telegraph wire that goes from the foremast to the rearmast. But seeing as how the model it’s self is not that big, roughly 14 inches when assembled, I can over look it.

  2. Sonia V

    This ship is the cheapest already-colored Titanic around. This is a huge perk, because many $15+ models are not painted and would need need to paint it different colors. Focusing on this version, it is a great ship to look at. There are some problems that I want to address here.

    1. The shipping time is misleading, making you believe it’d arrive in about a month or 2 when it’ll come in about 5 days after cleared payment, leading me to think that I didn’t need the cement or glue for it until the day Amazon specifically said that it’d come.

    2. Some parts of the ship will cause problems for bigger pieces, even if you do follow the included instructions of how to put it together. For example: Some of the bow’s pieces will affect the fitting of the ‘boat deck’ part (bow’ll sink down); the stern is not much different.

    3. Takes time to put together, depending on your skill level on putting models *ships* together.

    4. Unless you clip technically every moorings (plastic part holders) on every part of the ship, you’re going to have problems putting this ship together.

    These are the only things to consider when purchasing this product. Other than the following four, I really love this vessel. One optional thing you have is too paint over it, which should only be done if you want this model to look like the actual RMS Titanic that sank on April 15th, 1912, but in my opinion, how can you beat an already-painted RMS Titanic? (For those that would love to repaint it, the instructions will tell you the type of paint you’d need.)

  3. Sonia V

    This was a great model, first of all it was easy to build, and easy to paint. I highly recommended this model for beginners

  4. Chris R

    Easy to follow instructions, every part is accounted for, paint stays on nicely, good quality, and on time.

  5. BETTY

    My 6 year old son is really into boats, Titanic included. I wanted something we could work on together. This was a little advanced for his age, so I did a lot of work, but it was a fun project for us to do together. It wasn’t overly complicated and turned out very nice. Not having to paint pieces was a big plus. I’d recommend.

  6. Andrew S.

    For the competent modeller whose painting skills don’t match their kit building skills (such as me) there pre painted kits are great.
    This example of the iconic Titanic in kit form proved to be a moderately challenging build with quite a few small bits such as seats, and vents scattered about the deck, enough to satisfy most kit builders anyway.
    The pre coloured parts look good although some touching up is necessary where parts were attached to the sprue. Colouring the vent openings added to the realism too as opposed to leaving them white.
    Once completed the Titanic looks good sat on the shelf. One minor niggle, the front piece which comprised the bridge area was 5mm or so too short and wouldn’t marry up with the top of the upper deck.
    Despite this, grab one while you can!

  7. Chris R

    I got this for my daughter as she is a huge Thai Tanic fan. She’s 12 and she did it in two days probably in about 10 hours total. She absolutely loved it. It has a lot of little pieces yet the ship itself is in pretty much one big piece but there’s a lot of little pieces for the detail. There’s no glue included so if you do get this he will need superglue.

  8. JP Fanguy

    I bought the 1/700 and a lot of the comments and all of the photos in the comments were of the 1/400 so BUYER BEWARE with the 1/700 the kit doesn’t have ropes or anyway to rig them and requires ALOT of paint. However, after a lot of painting and gluing EXTREMELY SMALL PARTS and figuring out my own DIY method of rope rigging using black thread, we have successfully built the 1/700 Academy Titanic Centenary Edition and in a much more accurate and detailed fashion than how it comes in package.

    Short version: The 1/700 Titanic is an excellent model after a lot of small detail painting and gluing, although the description for the kit says no painting required. Even the product photos show more paint than is actually included in box.
    Photos in comments show ropes, that is also a lie. At least for the 1/700 kit.

  9. goose

    Great little kit. The instructions were straight forward. My 9 year old son and I put it together. The parts are so tiny that he didn’t quite have the dexterity to glue them without help so I was the gluer and he was the part-finder. Definitely make sure you have a pair of sharp nail scissors to cut the parts out and make sure you hold your finger over the part so it doesn’t zing across the room and get lost in the carpet, not that it happened to be or anything…..By the way, the kit doesn’t include glue or file. I used a nail file to true up the parts/remove flashing so they fit nicely.

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