dOvOb Real Big Ben Micro Building Blocks Set (3600PCS) – World Famous Architectural Model Toys Gifts for Kid and Adult

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  • Like building blocks But Not Standard building blocks.Completely Incompatible with Standard building blocks products.Have More Refined Details Than Standard building blocks.Build A Stunning World Landmark Model .
  • The dOvOb Real Big Ben Building Blocks Set need hand-onhigh and focus-on ability.Parents can accompany kids to build World Famous Architectural for developing kids’ patience and perseverance.
  • Made with high quality plastics, the blocks have smooth surface finish.So the blocks are tight fit with each other and keep a long time.The realistic and miniature design let this building model kit be the cost-effective.
  • This building model not only is designed to play with, but also can be a collectible or decoration.Modular model allows for a variety of display positions and ease of transport. Features an elaborate façade with beautifully detailed windows and doors and much more A good choice for Christmas/Birthday/Valentine’s Day gifts.Finishing it by yourselves are more meaningful.
  • It is required to assemble DIY . with clear building steps, large size and beautiful printed instruction manual that do not miss any detail. Adult and kids WITH their friends will enjoy the creative and unique building experience with this building toy building bricks for endless fun!

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11.89 x 8.03 x 2.56 inches

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2.2 pounds

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10 reviews for dOvOb Real Big Ben Micro Building Blocks Set (3600PCS) – World Famous Architectural Model Toys Gifts for Kid and Adult

  1. Timoteo

    I am a couple hours in and enjoying this so far. It appears there is an updated version which is what I received. No duplicate step and the fountain area to the left is extended compared to main picture. Pieces are tiny but fit together easy enough. I have fat fingers and am doing it with no tools. Pieces are easy to find once you figure out how they are placed in the bags. Clear pieces very “clearly” marked now. For now 5 stars assuming i have all the pieces and it comes together.

  2. Occasional Customer

    This was bought gift my son who lives abroad and was perfect for him

  3. Occasional Customer

    First of all – to add to those who have reported the duplicated step; it has been corrected. All 92 steps are unique now.

    However – there are several inaccuracies in this kit. First, the picture (including in the detailed information about the kit), show the base to be a solid one-piece base. It is not! It is now a 3-layered base of black base-plates of 20×20 and 10×10 to make a 50×50 base. Also, two diagonally opposite corners are not “connected” until the 3rd layer because of the pattern used. It is not a serious issue and adds 39 pieces to the kit. The problem is I have had issues with kits where you make the base and part of the reason I purchased this kit was because it was supposed to be a solid base.

    Step 4 of the instructions has an error. It says to use a 2×4 black piece but the image and the actual design has that piece to be a 2×3. That slight error needs to be corrected.

    The product page, and the box state that this kit required 3600 pieces. It does not say “3600+”, but “3600”. If you check out the step by step instructions, it clearly needs just over 3900 pieces! My count (checked several ways) using Excel was 3903 pieces. That includes the 39 pieces instead of 1 for the base. However, there were still plenty of pieces. There was even an extra 20×20 base, 3 black 10×10 small bases and 1 green 10×10 small base. I am not sure of my actual count but it was over 375 extra pieces (see my 3rd image of the bowl of extra pieces – also seen in the other images).

    The actual kit was very straightforward and the instructions well written. As is common, the lines separating the pieces on the darker colors (like the dark gray) were a bit difficult to tell and without looking at the actual step along with the step part list, it was very difficult to distinguish white and clear. I’ve been told that the developers have yet to figure out an easy way to mark them. Dark gray and black are almost as difficult.

    The instructions never mention the stickers for the clock but they are there and placed on the clock-faces in my images.

    Overall, it was a very good kit. If it had not had the inaccuracies I listed, I would probably have given it a 5 star rating.

    I do recommend it. I have never had any serious issues with this company and only a few missing pieces here and there.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Bought this for a gift. They were happy with it. But it has tiny pieces.

  5. Espirational

    My children and grandchildren love puzzles, and they wanted challenging puzzles. This Big Ben puzzle is one of several that I purchased as gifts for Christmas that received equal amounts of glee and dread. This puzzle is not for a beginner. It takes hours to put together.

  6. Diane Blume

    Apenas está armando el basamento, a mi marido le encantó! Esta súper detallado en toda sus partes . Gracias

  7. Morgan Schmidt

    I just finished the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) model and it took a full day and a half to complete. The finished model is very detailed and looks just like the picture on the instruction booklet. As other reviewers have mentioned, the pieces are very small which can be difficult to place accurately. My fingers are very sore, but I enjoyed building this model! This is not for young children or for adults who do not have patience.

    The instruction booklet includes illustrations for 93 steps of the building process. Each step shows the number and type of pieces needed for the step and a color illustration of the final appearance of these pieces installed on the prior assembled pieces. The illustration shows the assembly for the prior steps in gray and the pieces for the current step installed by their color. The instructions do not explicitly specify where every piece goes. The illustration has some faint lines indicating the piece size where visible. Some areas are not visible so the builder must use logic to figure out where the pieces go to make it look like the illustration.

    The illustrations could be improved by providing more contrast between different color pieces and the greyed out prior assembly. The white and clear pieces in the material list look the same. It was also tough to determine where dark grey and clear pieces fit on the dark grey prior assembly in the illustration. In the early steps, the white looking pieces are clear (for windows). In later steps, the white looking pieces are white (for the clock face). The contrast of dark grey and clear pieces against dark grey prior assembly illustration is there, but it is VERY subtle. Once I figured this out, the assembly was systematic.

    The instructions that I got did not have repeated steps 21 and 22 as other reviewers mentioned. I also had a lot of extra pieces left over. It seems that the instructions must have been improved and bricks provided increased from earlier kits.

    In summary, I enjoyed putting this model together and would recommend to people who enjoy challenging puzzles.

  8. Kathy R.

    My grandson loves Legos but they’re very expensive and he finishes them in about 2 hours. I got this for him and he’s been working on it for 2 days and he still has a long way to go. It was much more affordable too.

  9. Angélica García Alvarez

    I found it challenging but very rewarding,so addictive

  10. a duce

    He said he liked it but he never used it 🙁

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