Fascinations Metal Earth 30 Rockefeller Plaza Building 3D Metal Model Kit

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  • Gift Envelope Includes – Unassembled Model Easy to Follow Instructions
  • From Steel Sheets to Museum Quality 3D Model
  • Assembled Size 3.7×2.35×1.15 inches
  • No Glue or Solder Needed
  • Ages 14+

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Product Dimensions

1 x 1 x 1 inches

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0.64 ounces

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8 reviews for Fascinations Metal Earth 30 Rockefeller Plaza Building 3D Metal Model Kit

  1. Allen E. Lawton

    This product and all of the Metal Earth items are not toys. They are an intricate model that takes patience and skill to complete. They were not FUN to put together but challenging. The result s very satisfying and the models striking. Do not give this to a child or anyone who has a short attention span or gets frustrated easily. They are fragile before you start building, during the building process and after. The metal bends very easily and care must be taken to properly shape those pieces that require shaping. The right tools are essential. You will need fine needle nose pliers, tweezers, straight edges for bending, a shear cutter to remove the pieces from the metal sheet and a good magnifying lamp. The effort will be worth it.

  2. William Fahsholtz

    This one was easy to build. Work on the black paper so that you don’t lose parts.

  3. Mario Torres

    Very nice addition to my collection of Metal Earth projects. This is NOT for inpatient people, as it is fairly difficult to build correctly. But that’s what makes it a great challenge. Advise: take your time, build a section for about 1 hour and then stop and continue another day if you need to. Have the correct equipment. Standard needle nose pliers are not recommended because they are too big at the tip. Buy some flat tip needle nose pliers and flat tip tweezers. And one more critical thing you will need: magnifier glasses with light, and a nice quiet workplace. Lots of fun and they look amazing when completed.

  4. Michael Blomquist

    I’ve done a few of these but this one proved very difficult. Many small strips of metal and almost impossible to get them all straight

  5. Christopher O'Neil

    My first try at one of these models, and gave it a go using only a small pair of Channelock dykes, Klein needlenose pliers, and a Channelock 718 small flat-jaw plier (whatever I found first, basically). A magnifying lamp would have come in VERY handy, but it was about 2 a.m., so just wanted to see if this little project was do-able by the light of a 60-watt reading lamp 2 feet up back over my shoulder.

    When the second set of two pieces glided together all on their own, it looked like I was on a roll, but it wasn’t quite so simple: attached to the wrong side. All was NOT lost: untwisted the tabs and reassembled correctly.

    Plugged away ’til about 5 a.m., or RCA building (high rise section, anyway) was complete, and Bob’s your uncle. That’s the part of the kit I had wanted to see. My hat is off to these eentsy microdesigners. This tiny little model is physically beyond my personal levels of manual dexterity and visual acuity, but it went together by itself with ease. Very, very impressive.

  6. Curious Skeptic

    This is not a die cast model but a bunch of building shapes pressed from very thin metal. Didn’t even bother putting it together. It was obvious this thing would never remain in one piece. Cheap and odd

  7. JessiLu

    A very tedious model to put together. I didn’t know there were so many tiny pieces! Took about 4 hours to complete with my inexperence with these types of models. The finished product turned out very well though. Overall pleased with the product! No gluing or soldering, just little tabs that bend to hold it together. I would suggest having little pliers and/or tweezers handy.

  8. Matt in Colorado

    Great model of a very cool building. This model is much larger is scale that the other buildings from this series. It dwarfs the Chrysler and empire state buildings. Large flat surfaces require some planning and a steady hand to ensure a great finish.

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