Fascinations Metal Earth Sydney Opera House Building 3D Metal Model Kit

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  • HOBBY MODEL KIT – Unassembled model packed in an envelope with easy to follow instructions. Ideal for ages 14 and up
  • NO GLUE OR SOLDER NEEDED – Parts can be easily clipped from the metal sheets. Tweezers are the recommended tool for bending and twisting the connection tabs
  • SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE – 3 Sheet Model with a challenging difficulty level. Assembled Size: 3.90 x 2.65 x 1.95 inches
  • FROM STEEL SHEETS TO 3D – Pop out the pieces and connect using tabs and holes. Includes illustrated instructions
  • HIGHLY DETAILED ETCHED MODEL – Display your 3D model once completed – collect and build them all

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6.7 x 4.8 x 0.2 inches



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0.212 ounces

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6.7 x 4.8 x 0.2 inches

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8 reviews for Fascinations Metal Earth Sydney Opera House Building 3D Metal Model Kit

  1. Amazon Customer

    This metal model is the poorest design of the dozen or so i’ve worked on from Metal Earth. 1st) the pieces are called out numerically, but the sheet letter is left off. workable, just lazy. 2nd) Directions are severely lacking. Several metal bends, twist/bend directions, and critical notes are left out. images are lacking too. I ended up with a huge gap between the ends of assembled parts a and b and the holes in the base where they were supposed to attach and then broke it trying to finagle it in the last moments. I ordered another model to play with to see if i can elongate those connections and see what went wrong. i had planned to give the assembled model as a Christmas gift to my Australian Stepdad, but not if it’s low quality.

  2. flash

    After reading the other reviews, I was somewhat reluctant to try tis one. But after assembling many other Metal Earth models and due to the fact that I love a challenge I decided to give it a try. It was somewhat tricky getting some of the parts together, but with a little patience it went together well. I definitely recommend a set of mini needle nose pliers like the ones at Harbor Freight for assembling these models. Other reviewers who claim the parts don’t fit must not have had the patience to tweak the bends. I strongly recommend looking at photos of the real Sydney Opera house for guidance. I did and mine turned out better than the one on the Metal Earth package!

  3. Daniel Margotta

    Some of the pieces were a little flimsy, and the instructions were the most clear. However, overall, I loved it!

  4. Reza

    This type of metal kits need patience but are very rewarding. I liked it and, the final product is beautiful and assembling it is very entertaining. You may want to have a magnifying glass and a tweezer handy!

  5. Kate

    after reading the one star review of this product, I had to get it and try it- I love a challenge. First things first- if you have never assembled a metal earth puzzle, don’t start with this one. The Arc du Triomphe is a good beginner/intro model. Second- yes, the instructions are like those that come with Ikea furniture, only without the detail. I believe the reason for this is that it is something that requires tinkering and learning-by-doing. I do wish there were instructions on how to fold some bits. The red areas are flat, by the way. As for tools, don’t use needle-nose pliers unless you’ve got maybe jewelers needle-nose pliers. I used two types of tweezers: good quality regular flat ones and super pointy tweezerman. You need to be able to twist teeny metal tabs that are in hard-to-reach places. Also, it seems that two of the pieces (23 and 24) are too short to span the distance they are supposed to span. I still need to do some tinkering to see what’s up with that before I decide whether it is a design flaw or just operator error. Oh, a pair of wire nippers and some 400-grit wet/dry sandpaper (to smooth the spots where the pieces were joined to the rest of the metal sheet) are optional extras. Enjoy!

  6. Frank Popalski

    Great price – received on time. Have not been able to assemble yet due to medical issues. My wife visited this famous site and I wanted to assemble it for her display cabinet. I’m sure it will be as fine as the other Metal Earth kits I have assembled, such as Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, etc. The detail on these kits is highly intricate, and patience is required, along with ensuring you have the proper tools for assembly. But the outcome of the extreme visual detail is highly admired by all viewers.

  7. $olace

    I would have given this a 5 star, I love putting these models together. But unfortunately this one fell short. When bending the ‘roof’ parts a few of these snapped on me only after one bend (meaning I didn’t bend it back and forth causing the metal to snap). So to fix this I had to pull out the good ol’ glue gun.

  8. Kevin

    I love all Metal Earth 3d models from the simple to the challenging. The Sydney Opera house is mostly challenging at the folded connection between the reverse curved elements. You definitely need to view the 360 model on the website to get the right “spread” for this piece in order to get the tabs to meet the right spots. Only reason for one less star is instructions and shipping. Sometimes the instructions aren’t clear about inserting tabs from “inside” or “outside” the connection which is a HUGE difference. Shipping is about the packaging. I have received many of these Metal Earth models in a simple bubbled envelope which is not good. Most of the time they arrive slightly bent since it is very thin sheet metal. Even one time it was shipped in a box, but there was not enough “padding” to keep it from bouncing around and, therefore, getting bent. Some of the bent ones I was able to “fix” and others I simply re-ordered since it wouldn’t be worth my time to replace. Overall, these are a tone of fun to build and require a ton of patience…:-)

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