Guillow’s 1903 Wright Brother Flyer Laser Cut Model Kit

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  • American Made
  • Easy to assemble
  • small but faithful replica
  • 1:20 scale balsa airplane model of the 1903 Wright Flyer has a 24.2″ wingspan
  • Designed as a Build ‘N Show display to commemorate the famous first flight
  • Kit includes grade A precision laser cut balsa parts, high quality tissue covering and laser cut profile of pilot
  • Also includes simulated engine, moveable propellers and a display stand with plaque
  • Made in the USA

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6.9 ounces

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Flat River Group

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17.09 x 1.69 x 5.47 inches

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Airplane Figure


Balsa wood

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17.09 x 1.69 x 5.47 inches

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Date First Available

October 2, 2001

10 reviews for Guillow’s 1903 Wright Brother Flyer Laser Cut Model Kit

  1. JSimon

    The Guillow’s Wright Flyer is a delightful display model of the iconic 1903 first powered airplane. Below are my pro and cons. This model is not for the beginner. In fact, I’d recommend it for only experienced balsa model builders. The parts are small and delicate. I used medium thickness CA glue, which provides relatively quick and lasting bonds.

    Pro: The parts are laser cut, which results in very detailed parts that are relatively easy to separate from their sheets. There is plenty of extra stock, so you can easily make a part that you may have broken during construction. There is also plenty of thread for the rigging and tissue for covering the wings, rudders, and elevators.

    Con: The instructions are minimalist. Main components such as the wings, rudders, elevators, and fuselage are given step by step instructions, but the final completion of the Flyer is merged onto a couple of photographic panels. One step while building the fuselage calls for gluing a brace (labeled F4) which then prevents the elevators from being installed on the fuselage! I had to cut F4 to install the elevator and then glue F4 back together. So, install the elevator on the fuselage before gluing the F4 braces. The instructions also suggest rigging the wings too early in the build. I rigged the wings before the propeller mounts, and when it was time to install the propeller mounts I had to cut the rigging. I’d suggest you install the motor, propeller mounts, and drive chains before rigging the wings.

    Take your time and have lots of patience. Often you’ll have to be patient while parts fully bond before going forward. In all, this was a fun, challenging model that looks great on display.

  2. Ken Carroll

    There are a number of issues with this model. First and foremost it is very very fragile. A lot of the parts are very thin balsa and just a slight bump will break them. The instructions are vague in many areas and require quite a bit of interpretation.

  3. RR

    I have been building airplane models for many years, but it’s been a while since I have built small stick and tissue models. I have mostly built larger RC flying models. I did, however, start with the stick and tissue ones.
    This is a great kit. I love the laser parts. It sure beats cutting out the parts with a razor blade. (guess that dates me) Plus all the ribs are the same and if you follow the directions you don’t have those few hanging differently than the others.
    If you have never built a wooden kit like this, it will be very difficult, and I would suggest not beginning with this one. You have to be very gentle as the pieces are small and delicate.
    If you are experienced, I have a hint. Build the bottom wing first. That way you can develop a technique and see what you are getting into, and it will make the top wing go easier. It would be better for the bottom to have a few mistakes than the top wing. That’s the one that shows.
    Another hint, use CA glue for the ribs. As for me, there is no way I could align the ribs and keep them in place while white glue dries.
    I’m still in the process of building, but as far as the kit. it was what I had hoped and expected, reminiscent of the old time kits I began with, but with the benefit of modern technology.
    You have to glue, wait for it to dry. You have to cut stock wood for some parts, (yes, in addition to the laser cut parts). You have to sand parts, and it’s even to the point of having to carve out the props yourself. For these reasons I give it a 5 star. (and to be sure you understand, the glue, hobby knives, sandpaper, or any other material used in building is NOT included.)
    This is a good project, but I say again, you will be disappointed if this is your first kit of this kind, as it requires a bit of patience, and some knowledge of building these kits, plus how to repair the parts you are sure to break.
    Most flying kits today are not kits at all. The wings and fuselage are already built all you do is assemble the already built parts. This is not that.
    If you don’t have experience, please don’t buy this then give it a 1 star because you can’t put it together. That is not the fault of the kit. And don’t buy it for your 6 year old for a dad/son project, and give it a one star because it’s too difficult for a 6 year old.
    Yes, balsa breaks easily, yes the parts are small, Yes, you have to put an effort into it and it takes time.
    But if you are nostalgic for the old time models and actually building, this is as good as it gets.

    As an add on. I wish J Simon had written his review before I began building. I ran into the same problem and had already glued the fuselage together before installing the elevator. Fortunately I had read elsewhere about the rigging.
    I’m still keeping the 5 star rating, however, because of the challenge.
    If I had wanted easy, I would have bought one of the models already finished.

  4. Hemaid

    Fairly good model.

  5. Col.Edwards

    Nice display model, devil in the details, not for the beginner, little parts very fragile break easily, takes a lot of time and effort to do a good job.

  6. Fort Ashby

    Most of the negative reviews for this model seem to have a common theme, the builder has no patience! If you have no patience DO NOT buy this kit. I found the laser cut parts to be just fine. Put Saran Wrap over the drawing, build the pieces as the drawing calls for and everything goes together as intended. It is a wonderful little show piece.

  7. T.Farrow


  8. sokratis

    thank you very much!

  9. glenn

    This model is so fragile to build it is almost pointless. Yes I understand that a flying model has to be light so it can fly, however this is a display model and lightness is not a requirement.
    It would have been much more intelligent for this wight flyer to have been constructed in a more robust material. We live in the 21st century and there are plenty of better suited building materials out there.
    In short dont waste your time,energy and money.

  10. Michel L. Dixon

    This is the MOST beautiful static model of the Wright Brothers Flyer you can get anywhere at any price!!! However …it is NOT a TOY and NOT for children nor anyone else, that is not an experienced model airplane builder …of the OLD SCHOOL. That means balsa wood construction layout over plans and mastery of silk-span covering techniques. Even today’s model masters do not regularly use these techniques because heat shrink covering has completely replaced silk, tissue and silk-span paper covering in all current flying models. However, if you are willing to learn, and willing to make mistakes and start over a few times, or call on a friend of the “Old School” for help … not doing it, but watching over your shoulder and tell you what to do … the building of this model will leave a masterpiece your great grandchildren will proudly display on a string from the ceiling, or in a glass case, long after you are gone. If however they play with it as a TOY WILL BE GONE …in seconds!! Enjoy this as a JOURNEY into forgotten skills and times of aircraft construction and history!!! Guillow has always … ALWAYS made great model airplane kits …and this is one of their finest….if you have the love and patients it will REQUIRE. AND if you have more than one grandchild … the first one will be the learning project for YOURSELF !!! They are priced reasonable enough to buy 4 or 5 for ALL the children/grandchildren with eyes to the skies and hopes/dreams of Air Force or Astronaut careers.

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