Italeri M4-A1 Sherman Tank

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  • Product Type :Non Riding Toy Vehicle
  • Package Dimensions :24.4 cm L X34.6 cm W X6.0 cm H
  • Package Weight :0.75 lbs
  • Country Of Origin :Italy

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Additional information

Product Dimensions

16.5 x 0.1 x 0.1 inches

Item Weight

12 ounces

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Release date

May 30, 2019



11 reviews for Italeri M4-A1 Sherman Tank

  1. Jacob

    A fun kit to put together

  2. Mikey D

    You have to appreciate the old molding of the ’70s ! It’s a bit more time consuming to achieve the correct casting texture of the cast hull, drive cover ant turret, but the final result makes it a more personal satisfaction! Only the stiff tracks are the negative point.

  3. Harpic13

    one of italiera,s best models goes together quite well and looks good.

  4. Ferdinand

    Bad fit in places but with patience it can be good

  5. Donald A. Wilcox

    Great model. Not suitable for children but that was stated on the box so it was not a surprise.

  6. Mikey D

    nice model and everything was easy to understand and everything fit well. The only problem is that the turret can become easily detached if you don’t cement it in place and it’s not a model for the ultra detailed although that’s fine by me. This is the only 76mm m4a1 sherman I know of…

  7. Amazon Customer

    loved the model

  8. Goldrush

    This kit from Italeri is several years old and not as detailed as the latest Shermans from Dragon and the other top names, but with a bit of work, this kit holds its own (I’ve built a half dozen of this guy). First task, ditch the tracks as they are as stiff as my old drill sergeant’s spine. I usually get the rubber tracks offered by AFV, available at online shops. I keep my stiff tracks to use for impressions in mud and slush on dioramas.
    I usually replace the barrel with an aftermarket one that are available at several online model shops. Just watch the price and types. Now, once the hull and road wheel assembles are don (they are really pretty basic) and stowage is added (I use items from Black Dog, Verlinden but there are several good companies out there if you search) and any additional hull armor add ons – planks, spare tracks, sandbags etc… a nice primer coat and the finish OD coat. Now the fun starts, splashing on mud, brush, twigs, clumps of dried dirt, leaves and the plethora of stains and filters you can have a pretty decent kit. Toss the kit figures as they look like scarecrows and add in some Dragon figs with Hornet heads and presto! Ready for the hedgerows.
    Four bogie wheels for this inexpensive Sherman

  9. Ironmike

    This Italeri kit is getting on a bit (dating from the early 1980s I think) but it’s still a crisp moulding with a reasonable level of detail. The problem is the vinyl tracks, which are far too thick and springy to be remotely realistic. You can buy ‘aftermarket’ hard plastic tracks to replace them, which would cost about a tenner, but I think is worth it.

  10. Hugh Jass

    This is a pretty old ITALERI kit and is not up to the same quality of more modern armor kits. It actually builds up into a good looking tank though.The biggest selling point for it to me is that cast hull variants of the Sherman are just not out there to be found anywhere else.

  11. francis langford


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