Nifeliz Street Modern Cafe, MOC Coffee House Model Set, Chic Building Toy with Flower Blocks for Adult Gift Giving (2926 Pieces)

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  • Quality Assembly Time – Made up of a variety of building blocks such as quad, round or flower shape components, Nifeliz Street Modern Cafe offers you a diverse building experience. Immerse yourself in the playful assembly process of this Nifeliz coffee house model toy, which contains an authentic car aisle and double-level coffee areas. Well, invite your family or friends to enjoy quality leisure time together in this joyful building activity.
  • Coffee House Display Set – As an ideal display set, this Nifeliz coffee house model toy shows a unique charm with its exclusive styling, which is paired with pretty flower building blocks. Out of this Nifeliz model toy, the multicolored flowers stand out against the black and white facades, causing a strong visual impact. Nifeliz Street Modern Cafe combines warm and cool tones to create a trendy coffee house with a cozy atmosphere, definitely a perfect display set.
  • Surprising Functions – Packed with practical functions, this coffee house mock-up set brings you lots of surprises. With a detachable roof, removable couch area and attachable drink making area, the Nifeliz coffee house building set opens up avenues for easy access to the interior. Plus, eagle-eyes fans may find a secret space in this toy while removing the lid on top of the roof, where a lighting starter device is hidden. If you flip the switch, the entire coffee house will be illuminated.
  • Meticulous Details – A detailed cafe model set to explore. The first floor is set up with a cashier, dining, and display area, plus a car aisle to buy coffee easier in cars. On the second floor, a bookcase is placed by the staircase, and a coffee making area is in front, next to the cozy couch area. Coupled with a blue roadster, transparent windows, lifelike ventilators on the roof, paintings, and signboards on walls… this Nifeliz model set with fine stickers restores a real coffee house.
  • Dream Gift for Adults – Nifeliz Street Modern Cafe is not just a universal display set, but a friendly model toy for adults to relieve stress. The stylish coffee house is decorated with beautiful flowers, adding a feeling of elegance, ideal for adult gift giving. This Nifeliz brick-built street modern cafe comes in a modish gift box that requires no extra packaging.

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Product Dimensions

10 x 10 x 8.2 inches

Item Weight

7.98 pounds

Item model number

Nifeliz Street Modern Cafe

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8 reviews for Nifeliz Street Modern Cafe, MOC Coffee House Model Set, Chic Building Toy with Flower Blocks for Adult Gift Giving (2926 Pieces)

  1. John C Geringer

    Fun kit. Was missing a few pieces but i reached out to the company and they were quick to respond and happy to get the missing pieces to me. Great service. Despite the mishap its because of their response that I will order more products.

  2. Jena

    My 11 year old bought this for himself. For being a newer brand that is extremely comparable to lego, we were so impressed. It was challenging enough to let him build for a few days and was a great price. We are newly big fans of this brand and my son loved this set. One setback was he got confused with the light applications and messed that up and was unable to correct it, but he made due and didn’t care.

  3. Brian Halkjær

    Really nice set. Nothing missing, not to easy or to difficult to build, but still challenging. Top from me 🙂

  4. Chelsey Krause

    The website shows that the 40+ bags will be bundled into separate numbered bags (ex. Bag 1, Bag 2, etc).

    However, our cafe set arrived in one big jumble of plastic bags that hadn’t been separated or sorted.

    Some of the bags have very faint gold letter labels on them, and some don’t. Some of the numbers are repeated (ex. We have two bags labeled as 86005-3-1, and don’t know which one is correct, and which one was mislabeled).

    So it has been hard for my kids and I to figure out which parts should belong to each section, as per the website’s pictures. Many of the bags look similar too, so even if I look at the website for reference, it isn’t all that helpful.

    Hopefully the build goes ok, I imagine I will take much longer than usual.

  5. R. Novak

    lets just get the ugly out of the way first.

    This thing was a pain to put together.
    20 or so missing pieces
    walls are not well interlocked together
    the front part of the roof is difficult to keep together when attaching it
    the upstairs table side instructions are incorrect for installing it into the building
    the white wall on the side is very flimsy and there is no really good way to reinforce it

    Now on to the great stuff

    1. Stickers galore
    2. Mini figures 9 in all they are all Caucasian white vs LEGO yellow
    3. Looks great when assembled
    4. Fits right in with LEGO stuff
    5 .Fantastic deltails right down to logos on the cups and product for sale and the barista uniforms
    6. Car is a carbon copy of the LEGO car except for it is blue vs pink

    when I built mine I used a few alternating black and white 1 by 3 blocks to interlock the rear and side walls and that made the structure more stable in that area.

    To keep the middle section floor (where the booths are) rigid I use a 1 by 20 Lego bar

    To keep the drive through rigid I replaced the top 1 by 2 blocks with 1 by 4 on each cover.

  6. Albert Shum

    The number on the plastic bags are not clear enough.

  7. Barmybird

    In terms of assembling the product, you have to assemble the product to a “T” in order to arrive at the final product without difficulty. I had to take apart some pieces because I didn’t follow the instructions properly.
    Unlike lego these pieces don’t fit smoothly together, it is a large complicated set so you obviously wouldn’t be gifting to a child. The pieces fit well and are hard to take apart (hence my previous warning to follow the instructions). The most difficult part was inserting parts onto the baseplate. The design is mesmerizing but I wonder if they got permission from Starbucks to use their likeness?

  8. Nika

    Product comes with everything shown where but on the instructions they label bags with numbers but your bags in real life have no labels, so you are basically going to be searching a LOT of the time for a single part to put pieces together.
    My advice just put each piece into a separate cotainer if not enjoy scrambling for hours.

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