Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird 1-48 Model Kit

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The Revell SR-71 Blackbird 1-48 Model Kit is a highly detailed and accurate representation of the iconic Cold War spy plane. The kit is made of high-quality plastic and features engraved panel lines, recessed rivets, and a wealth of other details.

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Revell 04967 Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird 1-48 Model Kit, Unassembled

The Revell SR-71 Blackbird 1-48 Model Kit is a highly detailed and accurate representation of the iconic Cold War spy plane. The kit is made of high-quality plastic and features engraved panel lines, recessed rivets, and a wealth of other details. The decals are also well-done and provide a variety of marking options.

Lockheed Skunk Works created the long-range, high-altitude SR-71A Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft for the US Air Force. It was designed to fly at Mach 3 and at altitudes of over 80,000 feet, making it virtually invulnerable to interception. The SR-71A was first introduced in 1964 and served until 1998. During its service life, the SR-71A flew over 3,500 missions and set numerous world records.

The Revell SR-71 Blackbird 1-48 Model Kit is a challenging but rewarding build. The instructions are clear and concise, and the parts fit together well. The finished model is a beautiful and accurate representation of the SR-71 Blackbird 1-48 Model Kit.

If you are a fan of the SR-71A Blackbird or if you are looking for a challenging and rewarding modeling project, then the Revell SR-71A Blackbird 1:48 Scale Model Kit is a great option.

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird 1-48 Model Kit
Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird 1-48 Model Kit

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Revell SR-71 Blackbird 1-48 Model Kit:


  • Highly detailed and accurate
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Well-done decals
  • challenging but rewarding build


  • Small parts can be difficult to work with
  • Some of the decals are fragile

In general, the Revell SR-71 Blackbird 1-48 Model Kit is an excellent choice for individuals who are enthusiastic about the SR-71A Blackbird or who are modelers who are searching for a project that is both tough and gratifying.

Additional information



Age Range Description

13 years+





Item Dimensions LxWxH

26.85 x 13.9 x 4.61 inches



Included Components

model kit, instructions, decal set

Item Weight

0.072 ounces

Number of Pieces


Model Name

Revell 04967 Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird 1:48 Scale Model Kit



Product Dimensions

26.85 x 13.9 x 4.61 inches

Item model number




13 reviews for Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird 1-48 Model Kit

  1. stephen goetz

    Very great product. The helpful thing to know is that you need to paint the whole thing—even the very tiny pieces. So, if you or your child has a last-minute project to do, I would not recommend this product since it takes a long time to make—otherwise, excellent product. The painting turned out fantastic.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I had been awaiting this kit with rather a lot of excitement…….I have been severely let down by Revell……The fit is awful……I have had to shave a good part of the internal support spine down just to get the two halves of the main body to fit snugly……Only to find later I have to take a few MM off of the cockpit tubs to get the front of the body to fit properly…….Very disappointed….It will still be a nice kit but expect to do a lot of work to get there……For very experienced builders only……


    Incredibly fun build, really no problems, all pieces fit together very nicely.

  4. Gabriel Basurto

    In the process of making this at the moment. Looks an impressive model so hope the finished item is just as good – plenty of help on youtube to help get the best finish

  5. Knuckles

    That’s insane

  6. Hermann Jennifer

    Eccellente kit in scala 1/48 del mitico Sr-71
    Super dettaglio, considerate le dimensioni. Costa molto, e una recente produzione della Revell.


    This is one big model. It’s going to take up a lot of space in my display area. The parts look great- accurate and great detail.

  8. Mr Martin J Barber

    Eigentlich ein schöner Bausatz, der von seiner Größe her schon beeindruckend ist. Aber…!
    Teilweise sehr schlechte Passgenauigkeit bei einigen Teilen.
    Der Rumpf lies sich überhaupt nur durch abfräsen der Verstrebung und des Cockpitbodens zusammenfügen.
    In der Bauanleitung sind teilweise die Bauteilnummern falsch angegeben b.z.w. vertauscht. Könnte für unerfahrene Bastler problematisch werden.
    Und die Decals sind auch nicht gerade der Hammer. Sie zerbröseln teilweise beim aufbringen.
    Fazit: Schwierigkeitsstufe 5 ist für ungeübte Bastler vielleicht doch angemessen.
    Also sich beim Zusammenbau Zeit lassen und konzentrieren.
    Ich hab es hin bekommen. War ja auch nicht mein erster Bausatz. Ist auf dem Foto aber noch nicht fertig.

  9. Charles White

    At this price point this is an excellent kit. Beautiful and fine scribed detail. Have glued the spine and support ribs and the upper fuselage fits perfect with no filing etc. Have dry fit the engine intakes, exhaust and nacelle parts. A bit fidgety but the fit is fine. I’m a good but not pro modeler. This kit is highly recommended.

  10. 1515

    The fit was off on a few parts, the molds were subpar in places, and I found several mistakes in the instructions. That being said… I loved the build and enjoyed the challenge.

  11. James Pate Williams Jr.

    When I was thirteen years old in 1967, I built a Revell Lockheed YF-12A 1:72 scale model. The YF-12A was the grandparent of the Lockheed SR-71 (Strategic Reconnaissance Aircraft number 71). This SR-71 model is a lot more advanced than the old Lockheed YF-12A scale model. The only problem that I have discovered with the SR-71 is the landing gear assembly requires a lot of patience. I do wish the model would have cameras and the Hughes Electronics coherent pulse Doppler radar which the YF-12A had within a removable nose cone. I am using Vallejo acrylic paints since Revell acrylic or enamel paints are relatively too expensive.

  12. Knuckles

    Awesome kit

  13. lc sayers

    Habe den Bausatz zu einem, für den Anfang, sehr guten Preis von 72€ inkl. Versand bekommen. Der erste Eindruck ist gut, schöne Panellines und Strukturen, wobei ich mir in diesem Maßstab und Größe von fast 70 cm die Darstellung der Nieten gewünscht hätte. Nichts desto trotz ein schöner Bausatz. Die 2 J-58 Triebwerke sehen top aus. Passform kann ich noch nicht beurteilen da noch nicht gebaut. Wenn das Modell gebaut wird folgen weitere Updates.

    Update: 18.12.21
    Nachdem die Nieten nachgestochen wurden und das Cockpit gebaut wurde kamen die Triebwerknozzles dran. Hier ist die Passung unter aller Würde… Spachteln und schleifen der übergroßen Sinkstellen und dann noch Spalten bei den Übergängen. Das hätte ich bei einem nagelneuen 2021 entwickelten Bausatz nicht erwartet.

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