T-50B Black Eagles RoK AF Aerobatic Team Aircraft 1/48 Academy

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  • This plastic model kit requires plastic cement and paint for assembly, and they are sold separately.

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13 x 9 x 3 inches

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1.16 pounds

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4 reviews for T-50B Black Eagles RoK AF Aerobatic Team Aircraft 1/48 Academy

  1. Kindle Customer

    This is one of academy’s best offerings. In my view, one of their most detailed kits to date. It’s a close second to tamiya in regards to fit and shape. The cartograph decals are perfect however you are forced to put them over a black surface. The livery is a challenge so to get it right, you have to get a little creative. I intend to use the decals as masks and work light to dark. There is a mold seam along the canopy that you have to deal with. That being said, while not for the beginner, an outstanding value and a beautiful kit. Buy with confidence.

  2. Nickolas Williamson

    When I first saw this kit online, I knew I was going to have to try my hand at it. I was getting a bit burnt out on the plain jane gray on top of gray paint schemes, and figured this would be just the thing to scratch my itch. There’s a ton of good things to say about this kit. The packaging alone was a really cool selling point, and the images on the box just make you want to dive in and get it built. I usually have several projects on my work bench at one time, so when I acquire new models, it’s not uncommon for them to sit in the closet for a bit before I get around to them. This one was no exception, but everytime I wandered to the closet, this one would call out to me, and after about a month I decided it was time. Academy has really stepped up the past couple of years as far as their overall quality, from durability in plastic used to brand new tooled kits, and exceptional detail at a reasonable price. This kit had all of those things going for it, and I was really impressed how much time they had spent putting this kit together. My initial thoughts were that it looked like a hybrid of an F-16 and a legacy F-18, but once it starts to go together, all that kind of fell away. This plane is definitely all in it’s own. Fit issues weren’t really that major, aside from a bit of an issue with getting the nose section to mate with the fuselage, and a few step mismatches that required some grinding around the intake. Once the plane started to come together, it was really sturdy. My only engineering complaint is the fact that you have to install the main landing gear prior to finishing the belly assembly so that the centerline plate can go on over it. I for one usually wait until I’m done with painting the plane to install gear, so that I can avoid the dreaded masking process to keep them nice and white. Once paint was complete, it was on to decals. If you’re a novice builder, this part of the build may turn you off. They don’t really lead on just how intricate the decal scheme is until you open the box. It’s like putting together a huge puzzle with very thin decals. The one thing that they DID do right to make up for this is make them of the highest quality. I didn’t encounter one rip, tear, or foldover while working with them. They laid down very well, and were durable. Academy could’ve stood to place a color decal diagram in the kit, as the black and white just doesn’t cut it. It made it very difficult to determine where some of the decals were supposed to go because a black line is blended into a black fuselage picture, and it gets lost in translation very quickly. Fortunately, you can refer to the box art, and kind of find your way. Don’t expect this to be an hour sit down process. The decals take a painstaking amount of time, especially if you’re to get them to mirror one another symetrically so that they line up and look right. The pilot figures were well molded, and were a nice touch. I typically don’t model pilots in my builds, but I couldn’t resist on this one. They turned out really well, and look half natural in the “office”. The good news is that once you have successfully finished this model, it looks nothing short of awesome. The decals mixed in with the gloss black paint scheme is hands down one of the coolest schemes out there. I love the way the black, yellow, and white all come together. If you’re looking for something a little different, and new to spice up your display case, this is most certainly a must have for the collection.

  3. Nickolas Williamson

    Ottimo prodotto molto dettagliato e arrivato con imballaggio a prova di bomba ve lo consiglio

  4. S. Goshop

    My previous experience with an Academy F-15 was miserable.

    This however was fantastic! The kit fit well together and did not require any filling with putty to reduce any gaps. There are a few things I would do differently, which is add the decals to the parts before it is finally assembled, some of them are difficult to place when it is fully together. Other than that, the instructions were hard to follow regarding the decals, they had black lines showing where the decal went and on a dark plane, it was hard to see. I had to look at the box art and reference pictures to accurately place the decals. It would do a lot for Academy to make the decal instructions easier to follow.

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