TAMIYA 87053 Sculpting Putty Basic Type 32g PLASTIC MODEL KIT CRAFT TOOLS NEW /item# R6SG5EB-48Q15214

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  • Cure your modeling masterpiece of any join lines, holes or indentations using this convenient material.
  • It can be easily shaped using tools and sandpaper to gain the detailed finish you require
  • Contents: 32g

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Additional information

Package Dimensions

4.9 x 1.1 x 0.7 inches

Item Weight

1.58 ounces


Toys 4 U 7777

Date First Available

June 21, 2016

8 reviews for TAMIYA 87053 Sculpting Putty Basic Type 32g PLASTIC MODEL KIT CRAFT TOOLS NEW /item# R6SG5EB-48Q15214



  2. Eric Gunz

    Othe brands that I have used begin to crack within a very short time .

  3. Sorcerer

    Its a great filler.

  4. James

    its modeling putty. It doesnt stick well, to everything, but it dries really quick. Ive never used this brand before, it seem a little more fluid than the “other” brand. we’ll see how fast it hardens inside the tube thats the real test.
    My other alternative was bondo from the auto store where i’d have LOTS of product for the $.
    But I think this Tamiya will do the job fine. I’ve covered seems, and filled in 1-2mm holes, it sands well after fully dry.

    edit – 6-3-2022
    Well, after using this product 3x its already developed a leak in the side of the tube! I squeeze from the bottom very little if any. I just let it slowly run out onto my spatula. But theirs definitly a hole right toward the center of the tube..?!
    I keep the tube in box it came in, now the inside is covered in putty. took forever just to clean the tube off with thinner. So it wont be long before its hardened inside the tube.

  5. George Mcelroy

    I had no major problems with this product. My only cons about this item is that it is Very thick and takes a long time to dry compared to other putties I have used. On the bright side, it is very strong and binds to plastic easily, as well as being super easy to use. This Is a must have for all leveled gk/model creators!

  6. William Tinkler

    I grew up using Squadron Green. Perfect consistency. Tamiya’s putty is still very good. A little more “lumpy” but it’s got good consistency and doesn’t dry too quickly.

  7. James

    This putty is useful for filling cracks in plastic models. I used it to plug the ends of small straws to make them appear solid. I had difficulty molding it due to it’s tendency to stick to everything it touches. It can be shaped after it is dry by sanding. I was disappointed at first because I needed white for a particular job and had to place a second order. The color of this putty is gray.

  8. Kurisu

    This stuff is great dried rock hard and can be used for many plastics and hobbies,best get you some now than.

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