TAMIYA German Battleship Tirpitz

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Item Dimensions LxWxH

12 x 12 x 5 inches



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3.52 ounces

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Product Dimensions

12 x 12 x 5 inches

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Pro-Motion Distributing – Direct

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July 1, 2006

11 reviews for TAMIYA German Battleship Tirpitz

  1. andrew yarwood

    The box alone told that this was going to be a quality model. The moulding on this is exceptional, I could not see flash on any of the sprues. The plastic is a good standard. Going to take time on this one and it would certainly deserve all the aftermarket parts which is my plan. Opted for Tirpitz over her sister ship Bismark as anything relating to the latter is almost always more expensive. I would strongly recommend this for the price!

  2. Drew

    I purchased this kit for a neighbour who has just been diagnosed with the big c to take his mind off things.

    Imagine my disappointment when he said one of the guns was missing from the kit. Tamiya uk have charged him £14 for a replacement.

  3. William Chadwell

    Very pleased with this model and the price.

  4. JVS

    Just some general observation from unboxing it. It is clearly a very detailed kit and certainly not aimed at the novice (which I am). On a skill level of 1 – 5, it is definitely aimed at the 4 or 5 end of the scale. The number of parts are quite extensive and it will certainly take many, many hours to complete. I am anticipating months – doing small amounts of filing, painting, sanding, filling, etc as I go along. I am just getting back into modelling, having not built one for around 30 years. I have bought a couple of AirFix Starter Kits (Skill Levels 1 and 2) and will make my mistakes on these, before I attempt the Tirpitz. Given the price of it, I would like to produce something to be proud of. The AirFix kits can be built in a couple of hours and cost less than £10. Also, make sure you have plenty of workspace and somewhere to leave the parts lying around for a long period of time. This is not one you can hijack the dining table for a couple of hours on. In the meantime, I have been reading up on the history of the Tirpitz, as a way of immersing myself more in the build, and getting a lot more out of, than simply cementing some pieces of plastic together. I’m genuinely looking forward to building it.

  5. Stephen J. Miller

    This model is great. However, it was damaged upon arrival. The bow of the ship was broken off. We decided not to return the model because we didn’t want a basically good but slightly damaged product to go into a landfill. My son was disappointed, but felt better about not throwing it in the trash than returning it for another one.

  6. Bjorn

    Very Nice A ++++++++++++

  7. G. Reading

    Having built the Tamiya Battleship Bismarck, I thought that building the Tirpitz would be a lot easier. Not so. It is almost the same as the Bismarck but not exactly. A few areas are different and you have to be careful. I found that painting a lot of the tiny pieces (such as the tiny guns) was helpful. In fact, I painted most of the large items as well this time before they were detached from the Sprue. Once again, items flip up and disappear into the carpet. No damaged parts in either kit I am glad to say but remember, quite a lot of the parts are very small and difficult to handle. You will find you remember a lot of words you thought you had grown out of as a youngster. They kept cropping up from time to time (I managed to avoid any of the family hearing me). You will also have to keep an eye on the plans because there are some 1mm holes to be drilled and they are not that easy to spot. I have found that my eyesight at 72 is not quite the same as it was when I was a regular builder so I have to be very careful when I detach parts and not to cut them too close. Trim them afterwards rather than find you have severed something you should not have done. Overall, 5 star rating for this ship. The box is beautiful showing the quality of the whole thing. Well worth the money.

  8. linda

    Very happy with this product looking forward to being able to complete this model arrived on time

  9. UHB

    I’ve read some great reviews about Tamiya’s 1/350 ship models, so I had high hopes for this kit. Upon receiving it, I found that yes, it is big and the detailed molding is good, for the most part, though not vastly better than other 1/350 ship models I’ve bought from Trumpeter and Academy. My main disappointment is that the kit includes no decals at all, so the German eagle emblem on the stern is totally omitted from this kit. So is the “shield” of the Tirpitz coat of arms, which the actual ship had on each side of the bow. Completely omitted. Not to mention the large swastika emblem that was painted on the ship’s deck; I didn’t actually expect the kit to include that, but I was still hoping it might. No such luck. The Nazi naval jack (flag) that they do include is printed on very thin, flimsy paper, and it too omits the swastika, so the center of the flag is just an empty white circle, which looks ridiculous. I have a separate sheet of swastika decals, since so many model producers nowadays refuse to include them in their kits, but none of them is tiny enough to use on the Tirpitz’s flag. So I’m really not sure how to fix that problem. I prefer historical accuracy, as do so many other modelers, and this kit doesn’t really provide it. I would probably give it 3.5 stars, if I could.

  10. Eduardo G. Cicala

    It’s a huge, pretty good kit right out of the box, if you add a photo etch like crane, catapult and mast you have a real crowd pleaser.

  11. Kheng Yeoh

    Excellent scale model.

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