Tamiya Models Vought F4U-1A Corsair Kit

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  • Clear engine cowling parts included
  • Kit includes two figures
  • 1/32 Scale Aircraft

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Item Dimensions LxWxH

12.42 x 15.37 x 6.02 inches

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Item Weight

3.52 ounces

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Product Dimensions

12.42 x 15.37 x 6.02 inches

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Release date

April 25, 2018



13 reviews for Tamiya Models Vought F4U-1A Corsair Kit

  1. matt

    The tamiya 1/32 WW2 aircraft kits can not be beaten in my opinion. They are expensive, but the amount of model kit, the exquisite detail and perfect engineering make them very good value as far as I am concerned. Buy, build and enjoy!!!

  2. Tor Morten Havre

    Top!! Love it!

  3. namerf

    Points positifs :
    La version envoyée est complète, planches, décals, photo-découpe, roues caoutchouc, etc… , très belle, très fine, un gros morceau de 2 kg bien protégé à l’envoi (heureusement, voir plus loin). Parfait donc…

    Points négatifs :
    La version envoyée n’est pas celle en photo (pas de partie transparente moteur “Export Version Only”, c’est une version “standard”.

    Le très gros point négatif et qui fait très mal :
    – A l’arrivée le colis est transformé en Chronopost à l’aéroport CDG : taxe de dédouanement et TVA de 45€ et payable au transporteur sinon pas de colis !!!
    – De plus si le colis était arrivé abîmé, la valeur marchande n’était estimée qu’à 79€ !

    Donc c’est une très bonne maquette qui me fera plaisir à monter mais à ce tarif, c’est une honte de devoir re-payer derrière.

    Obligé de retirer 2 étoiles pour cela et je ne recommande pas cet article ici.

  4. Gooseygander

    Model just arrived and busy looking at what you get for £85. It would seem the answer is “quite a lot”. For a 1:32 model the box is huge and literally filled with frame after frame of incredibly detailed parts. These include photo etched as well as stencils and canopy masks. The instruction manual is equally huge and contains a wealth of information about the plane and the model. It also includes colour pictures showing the paint scheme as well as real life pictures of an actual plane so you know what the finished model should look like when it is painted. All in all I am in somewhat of a state of shock. I have never encountered such detail in a model and only hope I can do it justice. The next few nights will be spent studying the instructions and sorting out paints etc. I would think there are several weeks if not months of work ahead of me and I cant wait to get started. My wife thinks I am completely crazy but what’s wrong with being a big kid?

  5. Amazon Customer

    Was perfect, the description and what I got was the same

  6. Rod Crisman

    Intense, accurate, beautiful model!! Detail and fit are amazing.

  7. Convair990

    I’ve already built 2 of the 32nd scale F4U-1 Birdcage Corsairs, and i have bought 2 of the F4U-1A versions for myself and 1 for a friend. Here are the highlights:

    1) It’s an extremely involved, but good fitting kit. This kit is not intended for newbies. One should have previous experience building aircraft models before taking this on. If you’ve already built 1/32nd scale aircraft models before, this will be right up your alley. If you normally build 48th or 72nd scale, this is well within your capabilities, but be warned that the bigger size of this model makes it a little bit unwieldy and it takes some getting used to.

    2) The parts count is high, and this makes for a time consuming build, especially for the cockpit and the engine. The instructions are long, but well detailed. I really recommend you spend a week or so reading thru the manual before you start cutting parts off the sprues.

    3) The model gives you options for landing gear up or down, flaps up or down, elevators in the neutral or “down” position, and wings folded or extended. There are numerous little detail parts to cater for these options and you have to be very careful to use the correct parts.

    There are very few things to dislike about the kit. If you are big on detailing engines and making the highly detailed R-2800 engine visible for all to see, you are in luck. You will have a little bit more work ahead of you if you want to depict the cowling all “Buttoned Up” as the gaps between the removable segments and the nose ring and cowl flaps are a bit excessive. I really wish Tamiya has given the modeler 2 cowlings to choose from.

    The additional clear cowling included in most Corsair kits is more a gimmick than anything else. It’s not particularly clear and requires additional polishing and clear coating to make the engine contents visible. I haven’t seen too many pictures of Corsairs in combat with engine cowlings made of frosted glass, so i guess they were hard to maintain in a combat environment.

    The decals are problematical. I have not used the big insignia decals that come with the kit, but i have used all the little stencils. You have to make very sure the surface is adeqately glossy, and bomb those suckers with lots of setting solution during the application process. Silvering is a commonly cited issue. Vought made many servicing stencils as black text printed on a silver background, and Tamiya did a good job depicting this. However, on the decal placement instructions, its often vague as to the orientation of the text on each stencil, since the illustrations in the instructions for decal placement are kind of small. The good news is there are a lot of aftermarket decals for the Corsair to choose from.

    In the big scheme of things, these are very very minor quibbles especially for the experienced modeler. If you have a love for the F4U Corsair, do NOT waste your time or hard earned money on the Trumpeter or Revell 32nd scale kits. They are ill-fitting, over-engineered disasters. The Tamiya Corsair kits are not cheap, but when compare the value of your time to the enjoyment to be had building one of Tamiya’s Corsair kits, i think you will find it to be a worthwhile trade. There’s an old saying that says, “With a quality product, the quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”. This is very true with the Tamiya Corsair kits. Enthusiastically recommended without caveats or reservations.

  8. Simon

    Exactly as always from Tamiya the only thing is the picture depicts the export version and I received the non export version so buyer beware

  9. Richard Z.

    Was fun to put it together.

  10. paul salchow

    Hard to find in the USA, when you do they go for twice the price. Thank you for having this one, I’m still building it.

  11. Fly Boy

    Due to the Positive Comments from all the Good Folks that have purchased this A/C Model here on Amazon, I just had to Have and Built one of these F4U-1A Aircraft. I Believe that this is one of the Aircraft that was on one of the 3 Aircraft-Carriers that my Dad Served on during WW2. I had a Division Officer while I was in the Navy, during the Vietnam War era, that had flown this type Aircraft during his 30 yrs in the Navy.. I’m Really Looking forward to Building this Model Kit… I’ll try to comment on “The Fun” that I’ll be having while Building this Super Quality Model of the F4U-!A WW2 Navy Aircraft.
    I just received the kit 33 days earlier than promised too and Wow…It surely is an Awesome looking Build. Looking forward to constructing and Enjoying every moment of it. It Really is Amazingly built well. Well worth the $$$. Don’t be afraid of purchasing one for yourself.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Great kit great value,

  13. ANSN

    Highly detailed kit – not for beginners. Tamiya quality as you would expect – good details and very well engineered pieces. Took me close to 4 weeks to complete but could have taken a longer time if I had more patience. Tons of YouTube videos about this kit – highly recommended.

    The only thing that I didn’t like was the decals. Tamiya decals are a bit thicker so need to apply more decal softener. One can also see the edges of the decals and that causes unnatural look.

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