Walthers, Inc. Interior Kit for Northern Light & Power Powerhouse

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  • Complete with boiler walls, generators and turbines
  • Can also be used with overhead traveling crane, 933-3102, sold separately
  • Molded in appropriate base color
  • These are hobby grade products securely packed for protection in shipping
  • Please handle with care when removing from package or breakage could occur

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11.61 x 1.57 x 7.87 inches

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8.1 ounces

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November 19, 2016


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13 reviews for Walthers, Inc. Interior Kit for Northern Light & Power Powerhouse

  1. Bob F.

    Good model when assembled. The work platforms have the most detail and were a bit of a challenge but worth it. The building lacked detail but was easy to put together. Paint to taste, the building will need it.

  2. CHB

    Great starter kit! Beveled edges. Big parts. Crisp details, nice brickwork, LOVE the arches and basement. Nice! Most of the windows are the same size – easier to keep from gluing the wrong one in by accident. Sprue scars are hidden from view once built, not on the capstone or parapet like a lot of the other kits. That’s actually a huge deal. Pre-cut window panes saves a step too. Window sprues hidden inside, all parts pretty much can be primer sprayed right on the sprue tree. Can’t do that with a lot of the other kits (you’d have to remove and clean the sprue scars first then the parts get blown all over with the spraypaint blast – not with these though). Free roof details included in the kit (compared to other kits with no roof accents at all). Nice thick plastic styrene walls for better light opacity for nighttime scenery. Took a star off the because the offset floorplan seemed so cool but no matter what I do or try to place it somehow the shape doesn’t fit in right on my layout. Maybe works for other turnouts, like a 1:4 or 1:6 maybe but for my 60-degree turns it just doesn’t fit. Nice kit though, start with this one to get your feet wet.

  3. Carlos

    Se ve genial en mi villa navideña.

  4. amy

    It was a pain to put together, especially when you are trying to put the walls up. I had a difficult time holding all four walls up and putting glue on. I would definitely buy the accelerator to speed up the drying of the glue. I was running low on accelerator so my walls kept falling down.
    I love that it came with a little fence. Hate that I had to cut the fabric to go around the posts. Ran out of glue putting fence on so I just pushed it through holes in the fabric. Luckily the posts went in little holes in the bottom because otherwise the posts would not be a straight as they were.
    It looked really neat put together. I would suggest buying the HO Scale Interior for Northern Light & Power Powerhouse — Kit to go with it because there would be no way the roof would have any support.

  5. Amazon Customer

    Instructions are lacking, just pictures. Comes with parts that don’t appear on instructions and no idea where they go. Overall a very good kit went together with no problem and when weathered looks great on my layout.

  6. LANCE D.

    I bought this for my model train set. Walthers typically does a nice job with their modeling kits, and this one is no exception. The detailing is really nice, and it’s easy to assemble. However, I’m getting a little tired of the bean counters skimping on things, like clear, readable instructions. Being experienced in modeling, I have a little advantage in understanding what is needed to assemble this correctly. Beginners should look carefully, and think before gluing. I noticed some of the dotted lines are a little hard to see. This is a very easy model to assemble, and the instructions should be clear about that. So I only gave it 3 stars. Walthers can either start providing better instructions, or continue to get 3 star ratings from me. Other than that, the kits are really nice.

  7. LANCE D.

    I did not look very carefully at this when I purchased it. The Crane is not included, which is kind of deceiving when the box says “interior kit” and the crane is obviously part of the interior photo. You can purchase the crane separately, as stated on the box. However, I did not look closely enough when purchasing on line. They got me. Nice marketing. Don’t let them fool you. You get the two small boxes, two half generators, and the boiler room walls. Not quite the kit I was hoping for.

  8. amy

    This is the support of the ceiling in the powerhouse structure. Use the glue accelerator especially when putting the support beams in.
    I the interior and structure two times now. The first time I did not use accelerator and when I put the ceiling on the glue wasn’t dry on the structure. So the ceiling knocked down my beams. Now when you pick up the final product you can hear one of the beams rattling on the bottom of the structure.
    It was already $60 with the structure and interior combined. The interior directions said that there was more that can be bought. There was only three pieces left to buy in the kit it suggested. It didn’t seem worth the extra more for three more pieces. Wish it just came with it.
    Never did figure out how to put the (what I call the) train unload-er together. When I came close enough to figuring it out, it wasn’t even worth it because the instructions told how you could simulate what it is and does. I am not buying more things to show what it is, if it has to have other things for people to know, it is not worth it to me.
    I love it that through the structures windows you can see this product. Makes it seem more realistic.

  9. Fenge Manfred

    Nur sieben Teile ibld sieht sieht es aber anders aus das ist nicht korrekt so wird ma hinters Lich gefuert Vielen Dank fue den Mist M fenge

  10. Allan Hansford

    great dealer

  11. Gregory Tice

    Fun kit to assemble. Looks great with interior nano light, window treatments, and light blocking.
    Hiawatha is a good hobby shop to deal with.

  12. John T

    It was simple to put together nice building.

  13. Carlos

    Se ve genial

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