Guillow’s North American P51D Mustang Model Kit

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  • P-51D Mustang has a 17″ wingspan
  • Easy to build and great flyers with ample wing areas and effective rubber motor/propeller combinations
  • Designed to fly with included rubber power motor
  • Kits contain top quality balsa, plastic nose cowls, canopies and decals
  • Made in the USA

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Item Dimensions LxWxH

13.75 x 1.31 x 4.5 inches



Item Weight

4 ounces

Number of Pieces


Product Dimensions

13.75 x 1.31 x 4.5 inches

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



Flat River Group

Date First Available

October 2, 2001

13 reviews for Guillow’s North American P51D Mustang Model Kit

  1. PinewoodPete

    Great plane parts well cut looking forward to building this kit

  2. C. Stone

    Received replacement model. Although beautiful model, compared to models I have built in the past, model is small, instructions and layout is horrible !! I had to use magnifying glass, for instructions and model part numbers. Definitely need a sharp razor, be very careful removing parts. Model is definitely not for beginners. Aside from all that, fun putting together.

  3. K. Roberts

    Firstly the first one received was broken and looked like someone stepped on it! Now that maybe the shipping process but being shipped in just a simple bubble wrap bag is not a good idea. After receiving a replacement (thank you Amazon for making that process very easy and having a great customer service reps being polite and helpful!) the replacement was bent slightly and balsa is extremely fragile, but not damaged beyond repair like the first.
    -Need to understand this is NOT laser cut and is die-cut so precision is VERY LOW having you guess where these extremely small parts are supposed to be cut.
    -The instructions SUCK! Not much time was spent writing them with very vague explanations & even less steps and the artwork to follow during the build with measuring and copying was very confusing with them adding a “paint job” to hide some lines and confuse on others while matching things up. I found the photo on the back of a fully built one more helpful!
    -The prop was very cheap and the plastic to wood bushing did not work well at all. Even if I covered this I don’t believe it would have flown.
    -Tissue paper was missing from the package (which didn’t bother me too much since I wasn’t going to cover it…it was bought for mainly looks and might get clear monokote later).
    -Definitely a great looking plane and pretty well designed for strength (which upon receiving the materials and how thin they are and fragile will make you second guess it…trust me it held up to my dog walking on it)
    -Nose cone, cockpit, and side mufflers are simple yet very nice additions
    -If you can build this then you pretty much can build any of them!

    If I didn’t have so many problems with shipping, it had been laser cut with better instructions probably would have been a lot better and got a better review. Since this isn’t going to fly it was perfect.

  4. K. Roberts

    Always a good manufacturer. Prompt efficient service by supplier.

  5. C. Stone

    For this price this provides hours of entertainment. It doesn’t provide instant gratification as so many of today’s toys do. To get a good finish requires planning, patience and the right tools. However the finished product makes the effort worthwhile. There is plenty of advice on the internet on how to create a good finished model and it is well worth researching this if this is your first attempt at a balsa and tissue model.

    My father and I tried to make one of these 45 years ago but we never got one completed. To finally do so now was quite emotional. I have also refound a relaxing hobby and now have two more Guillow models to work on.

  6. Bobbie

    Iconic plane, interesting to build but probably won’t be a great flyer unless RC is fitted

  7. Bob D

    Been a 900 its not lazer cut and needs more work than the 500 series models,however built light and not painted it balances with only a few washers and flys well out the box with stock gear

  8. stefan oprea

    The model coud be better. For ex. The Black weel is to difficult to cut. Could be from other wood or plastic.
    Dificultate to ansamble at right angle.

  9. Joseph M.

    No problems

  10. stefan oprea

    I used to build these planes when I was a kid, over 50 years ago. I love everything Mustang so I chose this kit to build. It came out beautifully, but there was a lot of work to get it there… If you decide to build this model, here are the things that you should be aware of:

    The wood is very thin. Small parts are difficult to cut out and to assemble. No reason why these tiny parts cant be built into other parts.

    Plastic parts are difficult to cut out, should be pre cut.

    The little rods used for the landing gear are difficult to bend, and then to make two of them the same is a time consuming task. The instructions to do that are lacking specificity.

    For the most part, the instructions were OK, but at times were vague.

    I had to cut out the individual templates from the master plan (Wings, Tail and Flap pieces) to make them convenient to work on. Then tape them back together.

    The need to pin and cut the little slots in the fuselage and wing pieces to be ready to install struts was time consuming and a pain.

    The cost of the Cement was ‘Ridiculous’ $6.00+ a tube, that was barely enough to finish construction. I had to buy a bottle of Super Glue, triple the amount for a couple dollars more. The glue dries so fast I had to keep pinning the hole to keep it flowing, between gluing pieces

    Back in the day, The Testor’s paint was $.30 a bottle. Today, the cost is unbelievable. I bought a can of spray paint and used acrylic for the details.

    Use of 50-50 Elmer’s and Water works and is was cheaper than ‘Dope’.

    Overall it came out beautifully… would never attempt to fly it!!

    I’m looking to build a bigger plane… Maybe the B17G Super Fortress… but they are currently out of stock!!

  11. buddy

    It turned out really nice. I’m happy with it. It is a little thinner than other ones I’ve done. Harder to break the prices out. It’s worth the price though.

  12. A Jackson

    This kit arrived a few weeks ago and I am enjoying the build. Good instructions and plan drawings. As with all Guillows kits the extra detail make it fun to build.

  13. Joseph M.

    I bought this kind of on a whim. I wanted to make it a scale replica, not to fly. But as I have the impulse control of a 4 year old, I put the tissue wrap on it and immediately started trying to make it fly. Couple of adjustment flights on cushiony grass and I got a great flight of about 40 yards…right into a tree. Busted it all up. There went my hopes of making it a replica. While some have complained that the model is flimsy, if it breaks, you remove the tissue in that area and replace the broken pieces. I upgraded some of the more structural parts that broke to basswood. Rewrapped it, and went with the theme of a beat to hell plane…which obviously means converting it to a Mad Max War Boy plane. In terms of free flight, once you get it adjusted right and get a good throw, you’ll get between 30-40 yards, more with the right wind. Parts break. Whatever. Superglue it back together and get back out there. I had to get more tissue and rubber bands from the local hobby shop because I broke the parts it came with. Took me maybe 2 days to build it to the point where it could fly. Directions are sufficient. I never did figure out the landing gear setup, but I didn’t want it anyway. It was a lot of fun and I’ll be doing another one. Take your time, and if your new, just know you’ll mess some stuff up, and have to go buy more tissue or whatever to fix it. It’s totally doable for a novice. It’ll be worth it. Just make sure to fly it on grass…without trees. Also, Guillow’s web sight sells replacement parts.

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