Paasche Airbrush TG-3AS Airbrush Set

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  • TG Airbrush: The TG is Paasche’s highest end airbrush and delivers the finest detail of all our models
  • TG Airbrush: Includes .25mm, .38mm & .66mm heads – Plus fan aircap
  • The TG Airbrush: The handle includes a needle stop to assist with consistent paint release
  • Includes 1/8″BSP Adapter
  • Made in the USA (Previously TG-3F)

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10 x 7.25 x 1.5 inches

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1 pounds


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11 reviews for Paasche Airbrush TG-3AS Airbrush Set

  1. Jose Koenig

    – Good quality
    – Durable
    – Versatile – fine detail to wide strokes
    – Easy to clean
    – Can last several years without any issues or maintenance other than cleaning
    – Made in the USA

    – An airbrush consists of delicate, precision parts. So when you need to let’s say replace a needle you have to keep in mind that you cannot just replace it. You have to make sure the needle you are replacing is the right size for the tip and airhead you are using. Keep that in mind before replacing anything. The parts are not marked, so the only way to tell from one another is the size, and the size difference for the needles and air holes for each tip are minuscule. I recommend keeping each part labeled properly. I have ruined airbrushes by mixing parts.

    Additional comments:
    I have read other posts of people having issues and called Paasche’s customer support with a very positive outcome. The majority I’ve heard they got a new replacement. In my case, I don’t run into any issues for several years before I have to replace the airheads, tip and needle. In reality I am my wife’s repair guy my wife uses airbrushes on a daily basis for decorating cakes. So believe me, I forget how all those tiny parts go together after a couple of years of not touching an airbrush, so I make sure I label everything.

    – Buy a cleaning kit and cleaning liquid at a reputable airbrush dealer. It’s essential to preserve your airbrush in top shape. Clean your airbrush after each use with the cleaning liquid. Cleaning tools such as brushes and pokers can be used for tough spots to clean or clogged orifices.
    – I repeat, label your spare parts.
    – Use of a dedicated airbrush brush for a specific setting is a time saver, that way you don’t have to switch parts when you need to switch from wide stroke to detail; all you need is switch airbrushes.
    – Get quick release valve connectors to quickly switch the air hose to other airbrushes.

  2. Norman

    I am new to airbrushing but I am an avid miniature painter. I took this thing apart and reassembled about 3 times before i used it so I could get the hang. I see a lot of people complaining about adapter issues but i just took the hose down to the hardware store and got the 1/4″ plug i needed to slip into my compressor. I’m using my smaller 6lb pancake so the issues I have with this brush were not compressor related. I spend 3 hours painting this evening after receiving this product. It was fairly easy to clean, some water in the tank, wipe it out, spray a little bit until it was clear then reload. Easy money. Problem lies within a leak near the trigger system. It became unusable without a complete disassembly and cleaning due to the trigger becoming backed up with paint. I’m assuming it happened to due clogging issues i had, but the clogging was me working on my paint/medium ratio. I was also using the finer needle/tip so that could have been an issue with backpressure though I was running my compressor at around 25psi (roughly optimal for this airbrush) I won’t be using the fine tip anymore, but the T2,T3, and the spray nozzel rock. Going to spend the money on an Iwata brush for better detailing.
    EDIT: I Switched from 4 to 3 stars because it turns out it was not a paint issues, i had a leak in my forward nozzle. Fixed with beeswax but I changed my rating because I just got the Sparmax SP35 and there is a fairly large difference in quality that is easily noticeable even for a novice like me. This gun will be my thumper, as in my use and abuse gun since I know it will perform with the larger nozzles but isn’t as precise as the Sparmax. I don’t really think it was worth the price, maybe $20 less and i’d stay at 4 star.

  3. A. Bergamo

    Muy buen equipo, la marca es reconocida como una de las mejores. Hecho en Estados Unidos, todos los materiales y acabados son de excelente calidad. Este kit viene con 3 medidas distintas lo cual lo hace muy versatil.

  4. Trevor

    I have a Paasche H airbrush that is 40+ years old and still going strong. The Paasche Tallon quality seems cheap in comparison. It is almost impossible to get a small amount of air from the trigger. It’s all or nothing. The trigger also keeps jumping up out of it’s proper location and gets stuck. The trigger is to close to the colour cup and it’s difficult to get a finger on the trigger without hitting the cup. The build quality of the whole airbrush feels cheap and the trigger is loose and feels like it binds when pulled back. I also can’t believe that Paasche have packaged the spare nozzles and tips in the same bags which could lead to damage of these delicate parts to say nothing of the needles one of which had lost the “protective” piece of sponge material in transit.
    Not what I expect from this company.

  5. Ruby Murraylee

    I love using this airbrush it has improved my airbrushing so much

  6. Amazon Customer

    Great airbrush gun. Mostly used for makeup/body paint.

  7. Abraham Marcelino Ramirez Vega

    Lo compre para reponer un aerógrafo sencillo, lo que más ayuda es el echo de regular la salida de pintura para que cada uso sea uniforme.

  8. Bin omair

    it’s a good item it’s a pro used

  9. Michael Kelsey

    I ordered a Paasche Talon TG-3AS kit after reading many reviews and was quite excited to receive it.
    When the package came it appeared that the unit had been used, although Amazon listed as new. I contacted Paasche customer service and they took care of it immediately, no questions asked.
    Chuck Paschen shipped me a new unit very quickly and I was pleasantly surprised as this was not the fault of Paasche as far as I could tell.

  10. D_Ray

    I went cheap on my last two airbrushes as I was trying to determine if I even wanted to use one. I bought the Point Zero and Master brushes and found them difficult to clean, and not well made. In the meantime I bought a Paasche H and liked it but wanted a dual action. The TG-3AS is perfect for me. I love how it feels in my hand, and the fan nozzle allows me to cover nearly the entire side of a 1/25 scale model. I was ready to go back to rattle can before buying this, but now I’m in for good.

  11. Hayden Erkenbrecher

    Okay so I had been comparing airbrushes for months before I finally decided to go with the Talon. I previously had one of Paasche’s cheaper single action airbrushes, and it worked great. The only reason I bought a new one was because I felt I needed a double action, but since modeling is just a small hobby of mine, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a new airbrush. Well, I finally bit the bullet and bought the Talon, and when it arrived, I opened the box to be met with disappointment. all the was included was the airbrush, the hose, and the different sized aircaps. I was missing the needles, and the tips for those nozzles though, so they were basically useless. I contacted support, and after a few emails going over what I was missing, they are sending me all of the missing parts. It was an incredibly quick process, and I am thoroughly impressed with the customer service of Paasche.

    Now onto the airbrush. With the one needle, tip, and aircap I currently have, I am incredibly impressed. It shoots paint very smooth and is very easy to disassemble for cleaning. I did see in other reviews that the trigger feels “ratchety or notchy”, and at first I felt the same way. When I pressed the trigger, it kept sticking down, opening the air valve. I found that when you hook it up to air, this is no longer a problem, as the air pressure closes the valve. I’ve actually come to like this, as it makes it easier to only partially depress the trigger.

    Overall, it is an amazing airbrush coming from an amazing company at an amazing price.

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